Coronado Shores Condominium Association #9
August 21, 2020

A meeting of the Board of Directors of Coronado Shores Condominium Association #9 was called to  order by Board President Ken Sigelman at 9:00 AM on Friday, August 21, 2020 in the conference room located at 1820 Avenida del Mundo, Coronado California.

Directors Present:
Ken Sigelman President, (By Zoom)
Glenn Welch Vice President and Treasurer, (By Zoom)
Cheryl Mahoney Secretary, (By Zoom)

Others Present:
Rafael Estrada, Association General Manager (By Zoom)
17 homeowners (By Zoom and Telephone)

Consent Agenda:
Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the following Consent Agenda was approved:
June 19, 2020 General Meeting Minutes
Motion by Glenn Welch and 2nd by Ken Siegelman to change the language in the June 19, 2020 General
Meeting Minutes, page 3 Elevator Replacement to read; “select repairs to replace and or modernize
for this fall but not to exceed $600,000.” VOTE 3-0 Motion Passes

June 19, 2020 Executive Minutes
June 30, & July, 31, 2020 Finance Reports

June 2020 Budget Comparison Glenn Welch, Treasurer
Glenn Welch reported on the status of the 2020 budget concerning the budget versus actual numbers year to date. He reported that El Mirador’s income was favorable to budget in the amount of $4,827.
That our expenses are $-62,371 unfavorable to budget. The categories unfavorable are Administrative  $-18,987; Utilities $-5,419; Payroll $-22,867; Building Expenses $-7,154; Fire Safety $-232; Taxes,  Insurance & Licenses $-23,607. Categories favorable are Supplies $4,433; Landscaping $4,154;  Elevator $1,329; Janitorial $1,447; Window Cleaning $1,933; Plumbing $6,906, HVAC $700.

He noted that he is looking into the Income Tax by the next board meeting and that the road expense should be placed in the capital expense.

Mr. Welch also noted that he is developing a Finance Committee and is looking for one more volunteer for this committee. Laury Graves has volunteered to be on this committee.

Nothing to report.

El Mirador Building Committee Reports:

Architectural Update Tony Abboud:

Landscape Committee Patricia Boer:
Collaborating with El Camino and El Encanto regarding design proposals for our campus

Renovation Group Therese Abboud:

Audit Committee Cheryl Mahoney:
The week of August 10th, Cheryl Mahoney, Glenn Welch, and Rafael Estrada met with Gregory Villard, Certified Public Accountant, who is conducting El Mirador’s independent audit. Cheryl spoke with him on the evening of August 20th, 2020 and he said that he would have a draft of the audit to the Board of
Director’s the week of August 24th, 2020.

L&R Committee Reports:

L&R Committee Ken Sigelman:
• 2021 L&R Annual Budget of 2% was unanimously adopted by the L&R Board of Directors
• Capital budget kept flat which includes the South campus landscape project
• Beach Club will remain closed, however there will be renovations to the beach club
bathrooms so that they will be accessible without restaurant access and provide for the ability
to open the adjacent pool
• Tennis Club is open and no longer monitored
• Health Club is still closed with no foreseeable open date

Beach Club Advisory Group Therese Abboud:
Community Alliance Group Ann Kennedy:
Insurance Committee Glenn Welch:
Enforcement Committee Claire Conley:
The quarterly Enforcement Committee meeting was held on Friday, July 24th, 2020. Here are the
The annual budget was passed: The current assessment level remains the same next year.
• You may remember that a State agency discovered an old (50 years) lease for State property
where the seawall is located and indicated that we would need a new one. At the State’s
suggestion, the Shores contracted for a survey of the area and research of the real estate
records. It revealed that the entire seawall is on Shores property. When Mr. McDonald
submits the survey to the State that SHOULD eliminate the need for a new lease.
• Asphalt sealing and paver work should begin in September for all the paved areas in the
• Preliminary work on the storm water drain project (the portion affected by the outlet to the
beach) was approved and should start after September.
• The bridge work (railings/lighting) should be entirely finished by the end of this month.

Old Business:
Parking Slot Lottery
Motion made by Glenn Welch 2nd by Cheryl Mahoney that beginning with the 2021 El Mirador HOA
parking slot annual lottery drawing of the five single parking slots and one tandem slot will be held as
follows; The tandem parking slot will be drawn first as it is in less demand than the single slots. Any
party who obtains the tandem slot will be precluded from participating in the single slot category.
Only one parking slot a year, per owner. VOTE 3-0 in favor Motion Passes

ADT Security:
It was noted that the board can spend the reserve dollars in any given year regarding security.
A request was made that Rafael look into locks, cameras and any technology that is available to us.
We requested a whole scope of the project and what it entails and hire a consultant as well as acquire
3 bids from different vendors. It was also suggested that Rafael look into a high-rise consultant who
will potentially charge a flat fee.

Other business:

Maintenance Report
• 8/6 elevator cart 1 stopped working. Joseline reset the elevator
• 8/7 false fire alarm. Coronado Fire Department came and reset the alarm panel. Red Hawk is going to schedule service manager Miguel Rivera to come and troubleshoot the issue.
• 8/14 there was an issue with a deliveryman from Doordash who became overly aggressive with the front door person. He was not wearing a mask and was verbally abusive. Police were called, but by this time the delivery person was gone. A complaint was filed with Doordash. They assured Rafael that they would deal with this employee and this situation.

Water leaks:
There were 6 water minor water leaks reported. In all cases there was either no damage or minor damage. They were repaired by our maintenance staff.

Clogged Pipes:
• Unit 1609 reported a clogged shower sink. In order to fix the clog, it was necessary to open the bathroom shower wall in unit 1509. Clog found in the vent between 1609 and 1509.
• There were three other minor clogged pipes that were repaired by the maintenance staff.

On July 8th, the movers of the new owners in unit 1501 stayed past the time allowed for deliveries.
Bicycles were being chained to the back fence by the SW pedestrian ramp. Security was notified and violation citations were placed on the bicycles. There were multiple violations from homeowners and residents not wearing masks while passing through the lobby. A few vehicles were parked back end first in the garage. Some parking spaces were being used to store bicycles. Some items are being left overnight by the front door or by the hallway of some floors. Residents walking their pets through the lobby. Kids riding scooters on the terrace. Residents walking barefoot when passing through the lobby.

Complaints ranged from a large crowd of kids camping and playing on the southwest backyard of El Mirador (L&R) was notified. There was not enough storage room for bicycles in the bicycle storage area. Cardboard boxes were being tossed down the trash chutes without being crushed first causing the trash chute to become clogged. Noise complaints from unit 704 regarding unit 804 at late hours of the night and noise complaints from unit 503 regarding unit 604 at late hours describing the noise like furniture being moved. Complaints about surf boards all over the floor in the surf shack.

• 7/22 Global Power came to perform their quarterly preventative maintenance on fire pumps
and emergency generator
• 7/23 Cor Security came to fix omnilock pads located in the lower garage exit pedestrian door
and upper garage exit pedestrian door
• Building Engineer replaced battery for emergency generator
• Breaker in the lower electrical room that leads to one of the car charging stations fixed by
building engineer
• Lobby storage doorknob was not working. Building engineer repaired it.
• Door that leads to the stairwell in the lower lobby was not working properly. Received a bid
from a vendor to fix it for $418.53. Building engineer fixed the door.
• Spoke to Tom Gawlowski. Easy Flow is ready to resume their work in 04 stack after Labor Day.
Will follow all protocols and guidelines.
• Suspended Services Inc completed the window washing for El Mirador
• AT&T has completed the fiber wiring for El Mirador
• Core Security came to do a walkthrough of the back entrances to the building. They will
provide a quote on installing onmilocks on the doors.
Due to high demand, disinfecting wipes are on backorder. Fitness Direct will email Rafael
when items have been shipped. Rafael has been shopping for disinfecting supplies at
different stores throughout San Diego in order to keep a stockpile in the office.
• 8/14 called Coronado Lock & Key to come fix the upper northwest bicycle lock keypad
• 8/17 10:00am Red Hawk came to troubleshoot panel for fire pumps. The sprinkler system
needs an upgrade. A check valve needs to get installed in order to prevent water fluctuation
and stop the false fire alarm from turning on. Red Hawk will send us a quote for the
installation. Rafael also asked them to send us a quote to replace the fire pumps exhaust
• 8/17 Chuck Conway with Chemsearch came to check coolant levels in our cooling tower. He
said that we are in good shape and will email Rafael a service report later in the week.

New Business:

Annual Meeting Election Results/Election of New Board Members
On Saturday, July 18, 2020, we had our Annual Homeowners Meeting in the El Mirador lobby. 56 homeowners voted. Thank you for your participation in helping us achieve a quorum.

The Inspectors of Election (Jim Strickland, Anthony Abboud and John Dehler) announced the results.
Glenn Welch and Cheryl Mahoney were elected to fill the two open Board seats.

The Board held an Organization Meeting and decided the following:
President: Ken Sigelman
Vice President/Treasurer: Glenn Welch
Secretary: Cheryl Mahoney
Member: Carlos Atri
Member: Wayne Miletta

Ken Sigelman then announced that Wayne Miletta and Carlos Atri had submitted their letters of resignation to the El Mirador Board of Directors and General Manager in August 2020. Due to their resignations, the Board of El Mirador had two vacancies.

Mr. Sigelman read a brief bio regarding both Mr. David McNelis and Mr. Robert Bishops. He asked the Board of Directors for comments or discussion. There being none, a motion by Ken Sigelman 2nd by Cheryl Mahoney to nominate Mr. David McNeils to the Board of Directors of El Mirador was made.
VOTE 3-0 in favor. Motion passes.

Motion by Ken Sigelman 2nd by Glenn Welch to nominate Mr. Robert Bishop to the Board of Directors of El Mirador was made. VOTE 3-0 in favor. Motion passes.

EBMC Contract/New Accounting System
Ken led a discussion regarding how we as a Board have been in discussion, for months, with the homeowners of El Mirador regarding researching other accounting firms to work with in lieu of Eugene Burger Management Corporation. One of those companies is CID Accounting. We have done a lot of research on this company and would like to investigate a potential partnership with them.
Motion by Ken Sigelman 2nd by Glenn Welch to approve entering a discussion with CID Accounting to learn what services can comparably be provided like Cabrillo Towers. VOTE 5-0 in favor. Motion passes.

New Remodels
1609 Beatriz Mapelli Full Remodel – Is ready to go
701 Debra Levine

A discussion ensued that due to COVID there would be new release and acknowledgement remodel request forms to complete and contractor rules to abide by. The Board of Directors were still in the developing phase of these rules and forms and should have them soon.

The Board also asked, that at this time due to the final phase of Easy Flow completing its pipe work, and potential elevator work, plus due to COVID only 2 people on the elevator at any time, that we might have to postpone all remodels. We said that we would get back to these individuals just as soon as we had better clarification on dates for these projects.*

Easy Flow
Will start back after Labor Day to complete the pipe project on the 04 stack. They will be required to follow all of El Mirador’s COVID Rules and Regulations. They expect a completion date of 8 weeks.

Cor Security
COR Security submitted two bids for the Boards review

Tyssenkrupp Elevator (McLain Bowman)
Mr., McLain spoke by phone and gave a general overview of replacing and modernizing our elevators. He said that it would be a 12-16-week project and that during that time we would be down to one working elevator, which will definitely create an impact on the residents in the building. Mr. McLain said that once he walks the building, he will prepare a proposal for us.

Besides Tyssenkrupp Rafael is acquiring 2 additional bids for the elevator replacement/modernization project.

Homeowners Communication
There was a general discussion that perhaps remodels should be put on hold during the elevator replacement time frame, Easy Flow completion of their project and COVID mandate of only 2 people per elevator. Beatriz Mapelli agreed to put her remodel on hold for a short time being. We will get
back to her once we have definite dates on the elevator modernization time frame*

Next Meeting: September 18, 2020

There being no further business to come before the Board; the meeting was adjourned pursuant to a
motion passed unanimously at approximately 11:42 a.m.

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Cheryl Mahoney, Secretary Date