Coronado Shores Condominium Association #9



February 17, 2023

Directors Present:

David Zacharias, President

Irene Pedroza, Vice President

Elizabeth Hammond, Secretary

Luis Lozano, Treasurer

Carlos Atri, Member at Large

Others Present:

Rafael Estrada, Association General Manager

Jack Hammond AIA, Advisor to Board

24 Homeowners (by Zoom)

Consent Agenda:

Upon motions duly made, seconded and carried by the Board of Directors, the following consent agenda items were approved with the following changes:

General Board Meeting Minutes, January 20,2023; Errors were clarified and amended minutes will be submitted for November 2022, December, 2022 and January 2023.

Executive Minutes, January 20, 2023 approved as written.


Financial Report. The Board met with Consortium and the Reserve study staff to clarify the financials from previous months on February 6, 2023. Further work on the financials is necessary because of the way in which information is provided to Consortium. Accural accounting will be used in the future to simplify understanding of expenses. Consortium will be given electronic access to bank statements so that they can complete the monthly financials in a timely fashion for our board meetings. An updated reserve analysis was received and accepted.

Delinquencies: Rafael Estrada

There are several HOA account that are currently 90 days delinquent by small amounts.  Rafael is working with Consortium to bring those accounts current.

Treasurer’s Report

The status of the potential overcharge by San Diego Gas and Electric was discussed.  Documents concerning this overcharge were provided. The meter is being replaced on February 17, 2023. Once that is done, only leaks in the line in front of the meter could be responsible. The gas volume numbers will be reviewed daily to assess whether a leak may be the cause of the problem starting on February 21, 2023

El Mirador Building Committee Reports:

Renovation Committee- Jack Hammond

Jack Hammond, Luis Lozano and David Zacharias met  with each of the three contestants on February 16,2023. Hannah Gabriel Wells,  Carrier Johnson+CULTUR, and Design Social. They discussed what services could be provided based on stipends available and reviewed the design philosophies and qualifications of each firm. It was decided that Design Social, whose office are in Los Angeles and whose local experience is mostly doing house design, should be disqualified. The board unanimously approved this action. Jack Hammond will inform the two remaining firms of the details of the competition. They will have until April 4, 2023, to complete design ideas for the lobby and hallways as well as any other areas that they would like to feature. At least four views will be provided. Presentations will be each1 hour on April 4 with in-person and zoom options for owners, board members and remodeling committee members.  The owners will have opportunities to ask questions.  The location of the meeting will be announced.

Owners will be sent a pdf of the presentations by email or other means and will have one week to return their desired choice. During that one week, the renovation committee members will be available to answer questions. Details will be provided closer to the event. Choices will be collected by April 12, 2023.

After a winner is selected and approved by the board, the board will negotiate a contract with the winning team and define the final amount of the special assessment. A special meeting will be held where owners will vote on the special assessment. David Zacharias emphasized that every effort will be made to create an assessment that will be approved by  owners, including potential options for financing the required amount.

Landscape Committee- Patricia Boer.

The tree policy is being followed and changes will occur in May,2023. Shack island will have flowers planted later in the spring. No changes will be made to the flagpole parking island. El Mirador, who bought the flagpole, will maintain it.

L &R Committee Report- Irene Pedroza

Repairs and improvements were discussed. The roof of the beach club will be repaired or replaced. A hybrid tennis/pickle ball court (#4) will be discussed at the next L and R meeting. Those with strong views should attend. The meeting will be held at 2 pm on March 16, 2023.

Insurance Committee- David Zacharias

Farmers Insurance was chosen to provide the insurance.

Beach Club Advisory Report- Therese Abboud – See report.

Enforcement Committee- Clare Conley-  See report

Newsletter Committee- Clare Conley

Clare will receive minutes of committee meetings and will chose what newsworthy elements to report in consultation with committee chairs. She will work with the Board as well as the manager and staff to find newsworthy items. Anyone with information that they would like to share should provide it to Clare. She will also work to update owner contact information so everyone will receive news in their preferred format.

Maintenance Report- Rafael Estrada

Car #1 has been inoperable for several days. This is unacceptable. The Board met with the executives of Schindler who promised their support. The most senior repair specialist came from New York and replaced or checked the car thoroughly. There is a one year warranty on parts and labor. The elevator is now working but the Board was assured of full cooperation if problems continue.

Preventive Maintenance Committee

No meeting was held this month. The committee will meet soon to discuss how to prioritize the issues for the staff to complete.

Old Business:

Complaint Process. The complaint process is now in force. One complaint was received and processed. It was decided that all complaints will be read by the manager to see if expedited handling is required. If not, the complaints will be reviewed by the board prior to its next meeting for possible remediation. A log of complaints received will be kept at the front desk. There were some chronic complaints received prior to this policy initiation: Rafael will deal with those individually and report to the Board.

Package Process:

After some discussion, the package policy as amended was approved. All homeowners will receive a form to sign authorizing staff to place packages inside units when the owner is out of town or does not respond to package notifications. Owners who do not want to sign this form and provide access must find other ways to pick up their packages from the storage areas within one week.

Homeowner Communication:

Comments and questions were entertained.

Next board meeting will be held March 17, 2023. Annual meeting and board election will be held April 1, 2023 at 10 am. THIS IS A CHANGED DATE.



There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:30 pm.

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