Coronado Shores Condominium Association #9

May 28, 2022

A meeting of the Board of Directors of Coronado Shores Condominium Association #9 was called to
order by Board President, Ken Sigelman at 9:01am, on Saturday, May 28, 2022, in the conference
room located at 1820 Avenida del Mundo, Coronado California.

Directors Present:
Ken Sigelman, President
Elizabeth Hammond, Vice President (by Zoom)
Cheryl Mahoney, Secretary (by Zoom)
Robert Bishop, Treasurer (by Zoom)
David McNelis, Member at Large (by Zoom)

Others Present:
Rafael Estrada, Association General Manager (by Zoom)
25 Homeowners (by Zoom and Telephone)

Consent Agenda:
Upon motion duly made, seconded, and carried, by the Board of Director’s, the following Consent
Agenda was approved
General Board Meeting Minutes April 23, 2022
Financial Report, April 30, 2022

There is one HOA account that is still delinquent. Rafael Estrada and Consortium continue to bring this
account current.

Treasurer’s Report – Robert Bishop
The Finance Committee met on May 27, 2022, to review the financials from April 2022.
April Balance Sheet
Reserve Cash $1,791,000 (Awaiting Axos April Statement)
Total Revenue $158,364
Total Expenses $155,894
Excess for April $2,470
Year to date deficit includes $62,630 SDGE bills. This is being audited, by SDGE, per the request of the
Finance Committee. The deficit also includes a $24,000 excess in expenses due to unexpected elevator
There is currently $892,000.00 in cash at Morgan Stanley and $144,000.00 in the Axos account for a
total of $1,036,000.00.
A motion was made by Bob Bishop, seconded by Liz Hammond to invest $200,000.00 of the
$1,036,000.00 in 3-month Certificates of Deposit. Motion passed 5-0

El Mirador Building Committee Reports:

Renovation Committee – Susan Handel
Susan reported that she has been in contact with a company that specializes in providing renderings
which will bring the design concepts into a visual reality. She is working with Rafael to acquire the
exact sq. footage/measurements of a floor to send to the renderers. The committee is looking to
interview designers and welcome recommendations from the residents of El Mirador.
Susan noted that the Lobbies would require an expert in architecture to provide designs if they were
to be remodeled vs. renovated.
Bob Bishop reminded everyone there is a budgeted dollar amount set aside ($25k per car), for
renovating the interior of the elevators.

Maintenance Committee – Irene Pedroza
Irene reported that the committee, conducted a walk through the interior and exterior of the building.
She reported that there has been a lot of progress and improvements in the maintenance of the
building. She noted that the exit signs have still not been replaced as well as a few terrace lights that
are not working. Irene mentioned that they were still interested in what progress was taking place
regarding the Boilers and Cooling Towers. Refer to the section in these minutes titled Boilers and
Cooling Tower.

Elevator Committee – Robert Bishop
Bob said that he had contacted Schindler for an update last Thursday, the 26 th of May, but had not
heard back from them at the time of this meeting. Car 1’s new machine has been installed. The tracks
and rollers still need to be replaced on Car 1. Completion date still TBD.

Landscape Committee – Patricia Boer
The Landscape Committee met on 5/18/2022. They discussed and reviewed a 12-page Shores tree
report which was submitted by a Master Tree Arborist. In the Arbor Service Agreement, it was noted
that there is a schedule for trimming all trees on the Shores property.
El Mirador has 30 Mexican Palms which are scheduled to be skinned within the next few months.
Crew 3 continues to provide us with great landscaping services and is on top of all their projects.

L & R Committee Reports:

L & R Committee Report – Ken Sigelman – reported by Cheryl Mahoney
The installation of all new BBQ’s is on schedule and should be operational by Memorial Weekend.
New fencing is being installed around Avenida Del Sol.
Tennis courts 6A & 6B will be resurfaced July 26th .
August 20th will be a community wide, Coronado Shores 50th Anniversary celebration, which is being
paid for by the City of Coronado.
September 10th, Saturday, will be a 50th Anniversary Coronado Shores resident only celebration.
A consultant is being hired to assess the Beach Club and Roeder roofs for repair or replacement.
Additional security cameras are being installed in the Shores common areas.
A motion was made and voted down by the Board to allow food and beverages to be served at the
Beach Club through a side window, during the summer months.

Beach Club Advisory Report – Rafael Estrada for Therese Abboud
The Beach Club continues to receive great turnouts for their scheduled events and is very profitable.

Enforcement Committee – Clare Conley
There is no increase in next year’s assessments.
Other Business:

Maintenance Report – Rafael Estrada
The complete Maintenance Report is included in the Board packet for the Board of Director’s review.
There were no additional comments or questions regarding this report.

Old Business:

Cooling Tower
Rafael Estrada reported that Kirk Miller Insurance requires contractors to carry $10 million in
Umbrella/Excess Liability Insurance applicable to exterior and elevation related contracted work. ATC
only carries $8 million. We have asked Kirk Miller to make an exception request to the insurance
carrier. We are waiting for a response back from Kirk Miller to proceed with the work.

Jackson and Blanc submitted their inspection report. They have found that the AJAX boiler is in bad
shape. The manufacturer no longer supports parts for this unit, and it is far beyond its usable life
expectancy. Jackson and Blanc recommends replacing the AJAX boiler as well as the 2 domestic
raypak boilers.
A motion was made by Liz Hammond, seconded by David McNelis that we procure 3 bids within the
next two weeks, on replacing these three boilers. Motion passed 5-0

New Business:

Bicycle Rooms
A communication was sent out to all residents on May 17, 2022, referencing that the staff has
conducted a complete inventory of all 5 bicycle storage rooms. All bicycles which are missing decals,
or are in disrepair have been photographed and can be viewed on BuildingLink. Please identify your
bike prior to May 31, 2022, or it will be donated or disposed of.

Dish Network
Liz Hammond sent out a survey through BuildingLink to all residents inquiring about cable tv usage vs.
streaming via APPLE, Hulu, Netflix, etc. This is to help determine the next step that should be taken
regarding our cable tv contract with DISH Network, which ends in November 2022. The Board
encourages all residents to participate in this survey.

Hydro-Power Jetting
Hec’s Construction & Plumbing Service provided us with a bid to power jet 9-12 sewer lateral Upper-
Level Garage parking pipes. The cost was $1,900.00. The Board agreed to have this service completed.

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