Coronado Shores Condominium Association #9



October 20, 2023

The meeting was convened by David Zacharias at 9:01 am on October 20, 2023

Directors Present:

David Zacharias, President

Irene Pedroza, Vice President

Luis Lozano, Treasurer

Elizabeth Hammond, Secretary   Carlos Atri, Member at Large  was excused Others Present:

Rafael Estrada, Association General Manager

Robert Wright, Pro Tec

Jason Cardenas, Pro Tec

Jack Hammond, Remodeling Committee Chair Homeowners by zoom Consent Agenda:

Upon motions duly made, seconded and carried by the Board of Directors, the following consent agenda items were approved with the following changes:

General Board Meeting Minutes, September 15, 2023 approved.

Executive Minutes, September 15, 2023, approved as written.


Delinquencies: Luis Lozano 

  One unit is delinquent 180 days and has not responded to telephone, email or text message inquires. This account has been referred to our legal counsel, Elizabeth French. There has been little progress getting owners to sign up for autopay.

Financial Report. Luis presented the summary finance statement.

Reserve currently has $1,400,000.

2024 budget will be prepared and presented in October.

The summary financial statement is available on building link.

Reserve study status: Associate Reserves will be hired to replace Barrerra for the reserve study. They will begin their 3 year review for the next three years soon.

President’s report.

The most pressing issue is the matter of unit water leaks. There are two issues that will be addressed. There is serious damage to the relined pipes between the floors due to disruption of the lining membranes in those pipes. The vendor who performed the relining has been contacted and will visualize and then repair any pipes that are seriously damaged. In addition, because the pipes themselves are old, pin hole leaks are occurring which leads to water damage outside of the pipes. Pro Tec has identified LCS, a vendor for corrosion inhibition that will be purchased and used on an ongoing basis to protect the pipes from further corrosion.

The second issue is the damage occurring in unoccupied units due to hose or valve failures when owners are out of town. This problem will be handled by hiring a plumber to assess each unit to provide documentation of necessary repairs/changes to valves or pipes in each unit and the cost of the repairs that the plumber or another HOA approved plumber will carry out. This plumber will be identified and begin inspections next week. Repairs will then commence.

Owners will also receive communication from the HOA to describe water leak detectors which can be purchased online and placed near each potential site of leakage: kitchen, bathrooms, laundry and furnace.  

El Mirador Building Committee Reports:

Insurance Committee: Insurance rates will likely rise by 50%.

Renovation Committee(RC)- Jack Hammond

A professional cost estimate has been obtained for the cost of the remodeling from Cumming, Inc.

The total estimated construction cost for the project is $8,884.81. The majority of this cost is in the remodeling of the residential floors ($6,758,435.00)

The total ‘soft costs’ (design fees, permitting fees, furnishings, and contingency costs for unforeseen circumstances)  is $1,284,627.00

Total estimated project cost (at 60% of schematics completion) $10,168,709

The remodeling committee has scheduled several meetings to address these  costs and will work with the architect to find cost savings.

Landscape Committee- Patricia Boer.  See report

L &R Committee Report- Irene Pedroza. There are  significant extra numbers of ID cards. Strategies are being discussed to detect the cards which are no longer valid. Surface parking within the complex will be restricted to vehicles with current stickers that could fit within the parking structures beginning January 1, 2024. There have been issues with large vans parking overnight as additional lodging for guests. Vehicles violators will be booted in the future. L&R is reviewing the strategic plan and will conduct an owner survey. Roof of Roeder Pavillion will be repaired.

Beach Club Advisory Report- Therese Abboud – See report

Enforcement Committee- Clare Conley-  See report

Unit Renovation Approval Committee- Rudy Sanchez  No report Maintenance Report- Rafael Estrada and Pro Tec Fire Inspection Next Steps:

The unit inspection revealed many defective sprinklers. Owners have been notified and sprinklers will be repaired and reimbursement from owners will be requested. PROTECH Presentation

Jason provided a detailed report which is available from the manager and will be uploaded to Building Link. There are many infrastructure repairs needed and the Board is committed to doing these repairs as quickly as possible.  There is an on-going maintenance report in Building Link where the status of each repair is documented. Owners will have access to the open and closed Maintenance items.


Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations have been revised by a committee of owners including Clare Conley, John Dehler, Sandra Strickland, Laury Graves and Patricia Boer. Draft has been provided to the Board who will review it and make suggestions. Another meeting of the committee will be held when the Board has approved the current changes to produce a final draft. That draft will be available to all owners for their comments.

Old Business:

Package Process: Owners are returning their signed release to put packages into units when they are away. Those who have not done so should do it promptly.

Complaints: None received. Note: please submit in writing as requested. Owner feedback: Received and noted.

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