Coronado Shores Condominium Association #9 



April 21, 2023 

The meeting was convened by David Zacharias at 9:01 am April 21, 2023 

Directors Present

David Zacharias, President 

Elizabeth Hammond, Secretary by zoom 

Carlos Atri, Member at Large by zoom 

Irene Pedroza and Luis Lozano were excused

Others Present

Rafael Estrada, Association General Manager 

Jack Hammond AIA, Advisor to Board 

Consent Agenda

Upon motions duly made, seconded and carried by the Board of Directors, the following consent agenda items were approved with the following changes

General Board Meeting Minutes, April 1, 2023, approved as amended. Serv Pro not Surf Pro is the company bidding on the roof leak repair item

Executive Minutes, April 1, 2023. approved as written

Annual meeting minutes, April 1, 2023. Approved as written 

Delinquencies: Rafael Estrada 

Current delinquency by one home owner is more than 90 days overdue. Owner will pay charges plus interest and late fees. Rafael to communicate with Paulette to see when this is done. If not done promptly, pre lien request will be sent by Consortium

Financial Report. David presented the summary finance statement and it was projected for all to see. It will be attached to the minutes. We currently have a positive variance from the budget for March, 2023 by $31,000. YTD positive variance is $96000. David also discussed the differences between methods of accounting used by consortium and our auditors

Treasurer’s Report. David Zacharias presented the status of the SDGE matter. Total due for February and March is $11,000. SDGE has not been paid this year and will be deducting amounts due from the erroneous bill submitted to us for payment. David will write to them to suggest that this same method be applied to the overpayment of $63,000 from last year. Rafael has prepared a report with all meter readings, photos of the same and other information that David can use in his letter to SDGE management

David and Luis are investigating the discrepancy in the reserve account payments YTD. This will be clarified at the next meeting

El Mirador Building Committee Reports

Renovation Committee- Jack Hammond 

Polling of owners resulted in a clear selection of HGW architects for the remodeling contract. The board has notified the members of this selection. Design teams have been notified. HGW is currently preparing a contract for design/build services. After signing the contract, the remodeling committee will create a document that describes the elements of the project to be included. An independent construction manager will be hired to be the interface between the home owner association and the contractor as the project progresses

Landscape Committee- Patricia Boer. See attached report 

L &R Committee Report- none 

Beach Club Advisory Report- Therese Abboud See report 

Enforcement Committee- Clare Conley- No report 

Maintenance Report- Rafael Estrada -See report 

Preventive Maintenance Committee. No meeting

Old Business

Package Process: Liz will create a form for owners to sign to allow entrance if they are out of town 

Elevator rattle

Schindler had a technician work on the doors to eliminate the rattle. He was limited by tolerances that control doors closing

The call button has still not been received. Rafael has talked to them repeatedly about this. David Zacharias will write a letter to them, including the regional manager and assure that the warranty does not start until work is complete. We still owe them $30,000

Axios account. Cheryl Mahoney as the secretary of the previous board and the only person authorized to sign on that account will send an email authorizing Luis Lozano to close the account. Rafael has asked her to create that email and will followup this week


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:45am.

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