Coronado Shores Condominium Association #9

January 21, 2022

A meeting of the Board of Directors of Coronado Shores Condominium Association #9 was called to
order by Board President Ken Sigelman at 9:01am on Friday, January 21, 2022, in the conference room
located at 1820 Avenida del Mundo, Coronado California.

Directors Present:
Ken Sigelman, President (by Zoom)
Glenn Welch, Vice President (by Zoom)
Cheryl Mahoney, Secretary (by Zoom)
Robert Bishop, Treasurer (by Zoom)
David McNelis, Member at Large (by Zoom)

Others Present:
Rafael Estrada, Association General Manager (by Zoom)
20 Homeowners (by Zoom and Telephone)

Upon motion duly made, seconded, and carried, by the Board of Director’s, the following Consent
Agenda was approved.
General Board Meeting Minutes, December 17, 2021, Executive Minutes, December 17. 2021

Financial Report, December 31, 2021

Finance Committee – Robert Bishop
The Finance Committee met in January 2022, to review the December financials.
The financials are complete except for documents from Axios and a few invoices.
The estimate is that the year- end budget would show a shortage of between $40-$50k.

HOA Delinquencies – Robert Bishop
Of the four (4) delinquencies that we had, two were sent pre-lien letters by Consortium. One (1)
homeowner paid their account in full, and the fourth homeowner’s unit is being sold and is in escrow.

El Mirador Building Committee Reports:

Landscape Committee – Patricia Boer
The landscape committee met on January 19, 2022, and conducted a walk around the Shores
property. Then the committee met, via Zoom, with Jerry McDonald, where he discussed the
landscape 2022 operating budget priorities and how the committee was going to set priorities. One

focal point will be the exterior of the property, facing the Strand. Another topic for discussion is the
footprint of the exterior of the Shores property. Who is responsible for what? L&R vs. each individual
building. The committee will meet in February to draft a policy regarding differentiating between
areas of responsibility and present at the respective committee member’s Board meetings.
Crew three (3) continues to trim and weed and are refreshing the entire lobby area. The landscaping
budget continues to be strictly adhered to.

Elevator Committee – Robert Bishop
Emergency work was done on Car 1 by tuning up the rollers on each floor. It has been determined that
the drive, (control box), has some problems, which is under review. Car 1 cannot be repaired or
rebuilt. There has been some hold up in the modernization of Car 2 due to the technicians having to
stop occasionally to work on fixing Car 1 issues.

Renovation Committee – Susan Handel-presented by Ken Sigelman
Due to a continuation of COVID restrictions, Susan Handel has had to postpone a renovation
committee/homeowner meeting.

L & R Committee Reports:

L & R Committee Report – Ken Sigelman
The final L&R year-end budget came within dollars of the actual budget.
Jerry McDonald had to adopt an emergency COVID mandate, which included mandatory mask
wearing in the Health Club, the Beach Club and Roeder Pavilion as well as limiting the number of
people in each of these facilities. All live entertainment at the Beach Club has been cancelled as well
as Bingo, and Line Dancing.

Beach Club Advisory Report – Therese Abboud

Other Business:

Maintenance Report: – Rafael Estrada

Google Fiber Webpass – Appointments for installation to run cat6 cable to units is currently still in
progress. To date, we have over 60 units that have signed up with Webpass. We have 9 units that
have been marked as a failed install.

Building Link – We have updated contact information of all 148 Association Members using a new
excel spreadsheet that was provided to us by Building Link. This process took a few weeks to
complete. The entire Building Link set up and implementation is scheduled for some time in February

Fire Pump #1 – Due to the worldwide supply shortage, it will take more than two weeks to have the
fuel pump rebuilt. Parts are not easily available and will take time to find. Fire pumps are operating
normally. We are making every effort to minimize the time we will be without fire engine #1.

Structural Engineer – David McNelis
David noted that he had an exchange with the manufacturer of the parallel seismic device in the UK
and he gave David the name of the practitioner in the US. David then spoke with Bernhardt Hertlein
(NDE & Geophysics) who uses the instrument to measure depth. He stated that this does not assess
the integrity of piers, only stops if the sensor passes a clean break. David then spoke with CA Board

for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists and was advised that there was nothing
active or pending with relevance to the Florida condominium collapse. Design and Construction codes
appear to be the only choice to “ensuring structural integrity.”
David concluded that he was inclined to think we are in good shape without proceeding any further.
The BOD’s agreed to this assessment.

New Business

Flood/Earthquake Insurance – Kirk Miller Representative/Robert Gonzales
Robert Gonzales stated that the cost for one year of flood insurance to the Association would be
$85,491.00. Flood insurance only covers the costs of damage to the building structure and
$100,000.00 content coverage. Content coverage is specific to what is owned by the building, not
owners’ contents. He noted that our proximity to the ocean does not require us to obtain flood
insurance. He also stated that we are not located in a FEMA flood zone. Jaime, a homeowner, asked
about the possibility of lowering the deductible and covering only the lower portion of the building?
Ken Sigelman asked Robert Gonzales to obtain a quote for coverage of floors 1-6, at a minimum of
50% coverage up to 100% coverage.
Robert Gonzales discussed individual building earthquake Insurance and the costs associated with this
insurance. The Board of Directors decided not to proceed with earthquake Insurance on an individual
(building) basis.

L&R-Coronado Shores Insurance
Coronado Shores insurance increased to $1.31 billion. This was an increase of $68 million dollars. The
premium increased $70,000.00 per year. There was a big increase to the umbrella insurance from
$75,000 million to $200,000 million. $50,000 million less in Liability Insurance.

Parking Space Electric Outlets
The Board of Directors is determining what is a fair monthly cost to assess the homeowners for use of
a parking space electric outlet. Glenn Welch walked both garage levels and counted a total of
seventeen (17) 110-volt outlets. Rafael Estrada will contact San Diego County’s electric energy division
to compile usage data. David McNelis has been tasked with finding out what the costs would be for
the monthly use of the electricity for charging electric cars.

Mechanical Systems
Cooling System – ATC, Air Treatment Corporation inspected our Air Treatment Corporation cooling
system on June 18, 2022. Their findings were as follows; The fan motor bearing have failed and could
stop operation at any time. The motor VFD has failed and should be replaced. They recommend
replacement of the fill media, water baffles and louver supports. Replace the louver side panels and
the hot water distribution box. Replace the motor and possibility the entire fans assembly. Rafael
Estrada will be acquiring bids for this repair and present to the Board of Directors at a future Board

Building Boilers– The one building boiler that was malfunctioning has been repaired. Rafael Estrada is
acquiring bids for the replacement or future repairs to the building’s boiler.

Amazon Lockers – Rafael Estrada introduced the Amazon Apartment Locker concept which is a
package management solution that comes in indoor and outdoor configurations. The Board of
Directors will discuss this in further detail at a future date.

Parking Lottery –
The parking lottery will be disseminated to all homeowners to bid on an additional garage parking
spot for a one-year period. This year there will be two less parking spaces available for a portion of
the year. Once the elevator project is completed, the spaces that have been allocated to Schindler will
be available to bid on.

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