Coronado Shores Condominium Association #9



July 21, 2023

Directors Present:

David Zacharias, President

Luis Lozano, Treasurer

Carlos Atri, Board Member

Other Present:

Rafael Estrada, Association General Manager

Jason Cardenas, ProTec

Consent Agenda:

Upon motions duly made, seconded and carried by the Board of Directors, the following consent agenda items were approved:

General Board Meeting Minutes, June 16, 2023, approved.

Executive Meeting Minutes, June 16, 2023, approved.

Property Audit Photo Report:

Jason Cardenas from ProTec indicated which building structures and systems need immediate attention with the help of a photo report. The building is spending money by placing the fire system on “Fire watch” while these systems are placed back into a stable working condition. In addition to the many needed repairs, Jason suggested we purchase materials and equipment through a wholesale retailer to save money and time wasted on Home Depot trips. The photo report will be made available on BuildingLink to bring awareness to owners and help staff give satisfying answers to residents as pertains to assessments and costs.


There is one HOA account that is currently 90 days delinquent. Rafael is working with Consortium to bring that account current.

Financial Report:

Reserves are currently at $1.4 million and the Board is looking at different options to review the reserves in an effort to increase them long term. The current cash flow system is in need of simplification for a clearer understanding.

SDG&E continues to bring unsatisfactory service to the building and the Board is preparing evidence and documentation for a potential lawsuit.



Landscape Committee:

There are ongoing efforts to prohibit pets from walking and relieving themselves on the small grass island in front of the building to make it more aesthetically pleasing according to Pat Boer’s report.

Remodel Committee:

A Town-Hall meeting is to be held on August 2, 2023 at the Coronado Community Center across the Strand for a Schematics Presentation in order to achieve additional comments and ideas on the designs moving forward. A second town-hall meeting will take place on August 29, 2023 receive a closer approximate to fixed costs of the remodel.

An asbestos check was performed on the areas to be affected by the remodel and results will be in on Monday July 24, 2023.

Schindler Elevator:

Schindler are scheduled to install the new call button for front desk staff on Tuesday July 25, 2023. A state elevator inspection will also be scheduled for the near future.

Manager’s Report:

In order to better understand how the elevators are failing constantly, the association manager is looking into installing two additional cameras inside the elevator caps. No

the fire sprinkler heads with deficiencies will be taken care of by Symmons Fire Protection after the summer, each owner is responsible for the cost and will receive a bill after the work has been completed.

There is ongoing effort to locate the leaks in the 09 stack which seemed to be coming from the kitchen lines in unit 509. Board president David Zacharias suggested a photo inspection prior to a remodel should be required to locate plumbing issues and assist in preventative maintenance.

Roof Maintenance Proposal:

The association received a roof maintenance proposal on behalf of the roof doctor with these suggested plan that could cost $10,000 annually, or a plan that would cost $76,000 along with a 10 year warranty. General manager Rafael Estrada will speak with Jason Cardenas to discuss which is the recommended course best for our building.

Rule Amendments and Adoptions:

The scheduled amendments to the rules and regulations for the building residents as well as the contractor requirements has been tabled until the next board meeting in August.

Summer Contractor Work Request:

One owner requested for continuation of work in their unit during the summer months which was denied by the board.

Homeowner Communication:

Comments and questions were entertained.

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