Coronado Shores Condominium Association #9
November 25, 2022

A meeting of the Board of Directors of Coronado Shores Condominium
Association #9 was called to order by the Board President, David Zacharias at 9:05
am on Friday November 18, 2022 in the conference room located at 1820 Avenida
del Mundo, Coronado California and by Zoom.

Directors Present:
David Zacharias, President
Irene Pedroza, Vice President
Elizabeth Hammond, Secretary
Luis Lozano, Treasurer
Carlos Atri, Member at Large (by Zoom)

Others Present:
Rafael Estrada, Association General Manager
Elizabeth French, Esq, Counsel for the Association
33 Homeowners (by Zoom)

Consent Agenda:
Upon motions duly made, seconded and carried by the Board of Directors, the
following consent agenda items were approved:
General Board Meeting Minutes, October 21, 2022
Financial Report, October 21, 2022

Delinquencies: Rafael Estrada
There are 4 HOA accounts that are currently 90 days delinquent. Rafael is working
with Consortium to bring these accounts current.

Treasurer’s Report
The Board of Directors met with the CPA’s from Consortium and with
representatives from Barrerra who conducts the reserve study on November 15,
2022. The financials were thoroughly reviewed.
Reserve: YTD
Reserve Cash: 1,627,173
Assets: 1,720,762
Liabilities: 2,555,001
Reserve Deficit: (1,004,258)
Operating Revenue/Expense: YTD
Total Revenue 1,599,072
Total Expenses 1,702,712
Deficit YTD (103,640)

El Mirador Building Committee Reports:

Landscape Committee– Patricia Boer
The ‘shack island’ improvement has been largely completed except for the
addition of flowers which will provide color starting in the spring, 2023. The Board
was pleased with the improvements. We have 7 Morton Figs that would qualify as
Heritage Trees according to the City of Coronado Program. We can apply for this
status which would put the trees under the control of the City of Coronado for
maintenance and protection. L&R will apply for this status for at least one tree in
2023. Please refer to the Landscape Report for additional details.

L &R Committee Report– Irene Pedroza
L&R committee met and considered several items of interest. Please refer to the
L&R minutes for additional details. Irene suggested that we as a board
recommend the production of an App to allow for scheduling, information and
eventually for access to amenities. The Board of Directors unanimously approved
the motion to recommend this strategy to the L &R committee.

Beach Club Advisory Report- Therese Abboud
Numerous activities are planned around the holiday season. Please refer to the
minutes for additional details or consult the message board in the mail room,
flyers at the front desk or message board in the Beach club.

Maintenance Report- Rafael Estrada and Elizabeth Hammond

Annual Fire Inspection for 2022 is due. Symons Fire Inc attended the meeting and
presented their proposal for this inspection. The proposal was unanimously
approved by the Board of Directors

Terrace Coating and power washing was completed by Hamilton Pacific. The
Preventive Maintenance Committee reviewed the status of this work and found
that power washing was not up to expected result. Rafael was requested to have
them return to review and perhaps redo the power washing.

Boiler installation is underway and should be completed by early December,

Cooling tower refurbishment will start on November 28, 2022 and be completed
by December 1, 2022. Cooling tower will be inoperative during this time.
Preventive Maintenance Committee met with Rafael and reviewed the status of
projects on the maintenance report. Stairwell painting in north stairwell is nearly
complete. The committee recommended that the staff fix lights and exit signs on
the terrace as a priority item since these are related to safety and security. The
committee also added other items to the report which is included with these

DISH contract replacement strategy was the subject of two sessions in the
conference room held by Elizabeth Hammond after notification of residents and
owners. Individual DISH contracts are available as are other options. An email
communication and PowerPoint was distributed to owners and residents to
explain options and steps. Please refer to the attachments. Another Zoom session
will be held on November 30, 2022 in the conference room at 1 pm. Others are
planned after that time. DISH contract extension ends on December 7, 2022

New Business:

Budget for 2023
The budget for 2023 and projections of reserve expenses were thoroughly
reviewed and modified as appropriate by the Board of Directors at a meeting on
November 15, 2022. Based on budget review, modifications for the budget were
sent to Consortium who will provide us with the final details of the needed
increase in HOA dues for 2023. It was projected by Luis Lozano that the increase
of the HOA would be about 12%, due to serious inflation and escalation of costs
of utilities. Another Board of Director’s meeting will be held to explain the budget
and HOA increases on or before November 30, 2022. Time of the meeting will be

It was proposed by Irene Pedroza that the Board of Directors approve the
resolution to require that provided standard shirts with a building logo be worn
by Front Desk staff. An amendment to motion requested that Rafael Estrada
consult with staff members to obtain their input about this new requirement.
Rafael will report back on this at the next board meeting.

Holiday Party:
A holiday party was planned to be held in the lobby on December 17, 2022 at 5-7
pm in the evening. Irene will coordinate the planning of this event.

Complaint Process:
Complaints are currently received in a random manner making it difficult to
address the issues of concern. This issue was discussed and it was decided to
create a defined process. Elizabeth Hammond will create a template for complaint
description. The board approved the plan to require that all complaints be in
writing, using the template and including specific details about the issue.
Complaint forms will be available at the front desk, from Rafael, and attached to
an email to all residents and owners. Complaints not provided in writing will not
be recorded. Each month, at least one member of the board will review the
complaints with Rafael in order to define what issues need to be on the board

Date of Next Election/Annual Meeting:

March 10, 2023, immediately followed by
a Board of Directors meeting. Notification of all owners will be sent out as
required prior to the meeting by Rafael Estrada.

Appointment of Inspection of Election:
We will need 3 unbiased owners for this function. If they cannot be found, we will
use an outside vendor.

Appointment of Committee Chairs:
David Zacharias described the process of standing committee chair appointments.
He asked most of the current committee chairs to remain in place and included
new Board Members as appropriate.
Finance Committee: Luis Lozano
L & R: Irene Pedroza
Landscape: Pat Boer
Beach Club Advisory: Therese Abboud
Enforcement: Claire Conley
Architecture: Jack Hammond
Preventive Maintenance: Elizabeth Hammond

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