Coronado Shores Condominium Association #9
December 16, 2022

A meeting of the Board of Directors of Coronado Shores Condominium
Association #9 was called to order by the Board President, David Zacharias at 9:05
am on Friday December 16, 2022, in the conference room located at 1820
Avenida del Mundo, Coronado California and by Zoom.

Directors Present:
David Zacharias, President
Irene Pedroza, Vice President
Elizabeth Hammond, Secretary
Luis Lozano, Treasurer
Carlos Atri, Member at Large (by Zoom)

Others Present:
Rafael Estrada, Association General Manager
Jack Hammond AIA, Advisor to Board
31 Homeowners (by Zoom)

Consent Agenda:
Upon motions duly made, seconded and carried by the Board of Directors, the
following consent agenda items were approved with noted changes:
General Board Meeting Minutes, November 18,2022 with following amendments:
Luis Lozano was present, not on Zoom; Financials were misrecorded. Minutes
have been corrected and resubmitted on December 20, 2022.
Executive Minutes, November 18, 2022
Executive Minutes, November 25, 2022
Financial Report, November 30, 2022

Delinquencies: Rafael Estrada
There is one HOA account that are currently 90 days delinquent. Rafael is working
with Consortium to bring that account current.

Treasurer’s Report
The treasurer and the Chair met with the CPAs from Consortium and Haneyinc to
thoroughly review the financials and recommend the level of increase of the HOA
dues for 2023. That amount will be an increase of 12.3%. The financials were
thoroughly reviewed. The completed Reserve study and the compiled forecast
and supplementary information by Haneyinc was sent to all owners and is
available on Building Link. The status of the review of the potential overcharge by
San Diego Gas and Electric was discussed. They are still reviewing this charge
despite frequent phone calls. Consultation with legal counsel was suggested.
Reserve Cash: 1,658,403
Assets: 1,724,579
Liabilities: 2,583,417
Reserve Deficit: (1,024,77)
Operating Revenue/Expense:
Total Revenue 1,760,397
Total Expenses 1,884,557
Deficit YTD (124,160)

El Mirador Building Committee Reports:

Renovation Committee- Jack Hammond
Jack Hammond presented the status of the renovation process. A survey has
been sent out to owners to provide their preferences to guide the design. All are
encouraged to send in their surveys by January 15, 2023. There will be a design
competition for this work involving at least 3 designer contractor firms who will
receive a stipend in order to compete. Choice of design will be made by polling
owners and then approval and negotiation with the Board. The selection process
was unanimously approved. See Remodeling Committee report to the Board
attached to these minutes and available on Building Link.

Landscape Committee- Patricia Boer- no meeting

L &R Committee Report- Irene Pedroza
L&R adopted the suggestion to buy an APP to facilitate communication about
events. Other improvements were discussed.

Beach Club Advisory Report- Therese Abboud – no report

Maintenance Report- Rafael Estrada

Elevator #2 stalled once with resident inside. It was handled by First Responders.
Terrace Coating and power washing was revisited by Hamilton Pacific. All
furniture was removed. Power washing could not remove all defects without
destroying terrace surface. Terrace resurfacing is part of the reserve study and
will be done in the future.

Boiler installation was completed. Most clean up of roof is complete.
Cooling tower refurbishment is done and operative. Rewiring was done by staff
which saved expense. Float still needs replacement

Preventive Maintenance Committee met with Rafael and reviewed the status of
projects on the maintenance report. Exit signs are in place. Light covers
replacements are not available anymore. Other solutions will be sought. Lights
are operative. Full report is attached to these minutes.

Old Business:

Selection of date for 2023 Association Board Election/General Meeting
Date was changed to March18, 2023.
Appointment of Inspectors of Election:
Inspectors will be Patricia Boer, Thomas Lowe, and John Dehler. An
announcement will be sent out by the general manager.

Complaint Process:
A process was created as well as a template. It will be circulated to the
membership for feedback and then adoption by the Board. It is attached to these
minutes and available on Building Link. After implementation, complaints can only
be submitted in writing except in an emergency.

Uniforms were discussed with staff who felt that a black jacket, white shirt or
blouse and pants would be a better option. The Board unanimously approved this
decision, and the Association will pay for one jacket, one pair of pants, and three
shirts for each front desk employee.

Holiday Party:
A holiday party was planned to be held in the lobby on December 16, 2022, 5-7
pm in the evening. A light buffet and wine will be provided by the association.

New Business:

DISH contract replacement strategy was reviewed by Elizabeth Hammond. 4
more zoom meetings were held in both English and Spanish to clarify options.
Another extension of DISH contract was granted to Jan 3, 2023, by unanimous
approval of all board members by email since the contract was due to expire. This
is a $7,200 expense. During the additional month, failed installs can be rewired
and owners will have additional time to decide whether to go with streaming or
continue with personal DISH contracts. Everyone is urged to return their current
DISH equipment by January 3, 2023, so as not to be charged for it.
TV Tech to assist with owner installations. We heard a presentation by Ken
Dresser, who will offer to help with any installation for $65/hour. He circulated his
contact information and Front Desk has flyers for him.

Failed Google Webpass Fiber installations:
Webpass sent their expert installer to assess the situation on December 14,2023
with Rafael Estrada. They reviewed each failed installation to assess best repair
strategy. He will return on December 20, 2022 to run the new cabling to repair
these installations.

Package Policy:
Package storage is a significant problem because some owners will not allow
packages to be placed in their units in their absence. Some large furniture items
are being received without provision for proper conveyance to owner’s units. The
new policy, which conforms to that of other Shores Associations will be circulated
for feedback. Packages not permitted to be delivered to individual units will be
returned after 48 hours. Policy will be sent to all owners, is attached to these
minutes and placed on Building Link.

There are many complaints about communication within the Association. We
want to improve that problem by establishing a monthly newsletter. Clare Conley
has agreed to chair this committee assisted by Elizabeth Hammond. Other
volunteers are welcome to participate.

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