Organization: Coronado Shores consists of eleven distinct entities. The ten (10) separate
condominium associations are each responsible for their own building and are governed by a
Board of Directors elected by their owners. The Landscape & Recreation Committee is
responsible for the recreation amenities and common elements outside the buildings.
Board of Directors: The Coronado Shores Condominium Association #9 (also known as El
Mirador building) Board of Directors is comprised of five homeowners who are elected at the
annual homeowners meeting held in March. The Board sets policy that is implemented and
enforced by the Building Manager and the staff. Board meetings are usually held monthly and
homeowners are encouraged to attend. Agendas are posted at the mailroom bulletin board in
addition to both lobbies.

L & R Committee:

The Landscape & Recreation (L & R) Committee is responsible for
operations and maintenance of the common area amenities, facilities and services such as the
patrol service, landscaping, streets, walkways, pools, tennis courts, Health Club, Beach Club and
Roeder Pavilion. The L & R Committee is governed by representatives appointed from each of
the ten Associations.

This Committee oversees the L & R General Manager and staff. They formulate policies, rules
and regulations for the common areas. The annual budget is expensed to each of the ten
associations. Any issues regarding the common areas outside the building should be presented to
your association manager who will forward it to your L & R representative.
Enforcement Committee: This committee, with representation from each Association, oversees
the upkeep and maintenance of the seawall, roadways and sewer. It is the only committee with
the right to assess the associations without prior approval.
Sub-Committees: Currently, Sub-Committees have been formed for the Beach Club, Landscape,
Facilities, Recreation and Insurance. Owners interested in participating should inform the
association manager.
Definition of a Condominium: “Unit” shall mean and refer to the elements of a Condominium
that are not owned in common with other owners of other Condominiums. The boundaries of a
Unit shall be the unfinished interior surfaces of the perimeter walls, floors, ceilings, windows,
and doors of each Unit, where they exist, and otherwise to the vertical or horizontal planes at the
limits of the dimensions as shown on the condominium plan, that has been filed in the office of
the County Recorder of San Diego County.
Communication: Bulletin boards are located in the mailroom, inside each elevator cab and at
each lobby. Please check these regularly for important notices and information regarding El
Mirador. Extra copies of the L & R monthly newsletter containing important information
regarding Coronado Shores are also available in the mailroom.
Manager (619-437-4575): The building manager works at the direction of the Board of
Directors to handle daily operations and oversee the staff. The building manager is normally
available weekdays during normal business hours.
Door People (619-437-4575): Door People (not bellhops or porters) are employed around the
clock all year long. The emphasis of their service is the general welfare and safety of all
residents. Please respect their authority and don’t hesitate to ask if you should need copies of
the building and community rules.
Assessments: Prompt payment of assessments is necessary for the smooth operation of your
Association. Assessments are due on the first of each month and delinquent if not paid by the
fifteenth. Owners may elect the free service of an automatic debit from a designated bank
account. Options for on-line credit card payments and e checks are available for an additional
fee. Owners may also opt to go paperless and receive “e-statements”. Management can provide
additional information.
Delinquent assessments will incur a 10% late charge. If an assessment is delinquent for more
than 30 days, interest may be imposed on all sums due including the delinquent assessment,
collection charges and late charges at an annual percentage rate of 12%. After 60 days,
delinquent assessments may result in a lien being filed against your condominium. The lien shall
include all delinquent assessments, lien preparation fee, late charges, interest at 12% per annum
and filing fees. Collection of delinquent accounts may also include filing a lawsuit or
foreclosure when the assessment exceeds $1,800 or is more than 12 months delinquent.
Architectural Modifications: Any unit alterations or modifications, including but not limited to
flooring, plumbing, electrical and/or structural changes, shall first be submitted for review and
approval. Contact the front desk or the building manager for the guidelines.
Indoctrination: Although El Mirador staff will provide assistance; the ultimate responsibility to
indoctrinate tenants and guests is the responsibility of the owner or owner’s agent.
The Beach Club: The Beach Club is located between La Perla and Las Palmas Towers. To
obtain more information, call The Beach Club at 619-435-1711.
Roeder Pavilion: The Roeder Pavilion, equipped with kitchen and bar, is located between
Cabrillo and La Sierra Towers. To reserve for a private party, call 619-437-1260.
The Health Club: For information regarding The Health Club, please call 619-435-2533.
Tennis Courts: Coronado Shores has eight tennis courts (five are lighted). For more
information, please call 619-437-1335 or 619-437-1260.
Swimming Pools: Coronado Shores has four swimming pools that are located at the Roeder
Pavilion, Cabrillo, Beach Club and El Camino. For more information, please call 619-437-1260.

The Board of Directors may make clarifications or changes to these Rules and Regulations from
time to time as deemed necessary. These Rules and regulations are not intended to address or
conflict with Fair Housing laws applicable to the Community.
These Rules and Regulations supersede all others published or adopted prior to this publication.
These Rules and Regulations are supplemental to the governing documents. Refer to the
Amended, Restated and Superseding Supplemental Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and
Restrictions as to Parcel C that were recorded on March 3, 1999 as Document #1999-0135272.

A. Animals:

Common household pets such as dogs, cats, caged birds and aquatic animal
kept within an aquarium are permitted provided that they are not kept, bred or maintained
for any commercial purpose (CC&R’s, Section 7.6, (j)(3).
A-1 Owners of a service animal or other animal needed as an accommodation for a disability
should provide the Association office with proper documentation, if requested to do so.
A-2 Bird feeders are strictly prohibited. Residents shall not leave any type of food outside that
would attract scavengers or birds of prey.
A-3 Residents that have provided the Association evidence of a rental agreement/lease for a
term of at least four (4) consecutive months are permitted pets subject to compliance with
the rules and regulations.
A-4 When outside the unit, dogs must be on a leash and accompanied by a person physically
capable of controlling the dog. (City of Coronado Ordinance 32.04.010)
A-5 Balconies/patios are not to be used to house pets nor shall pets be permitted to urinate or
defecate on balcony/patio. Pets shall not be left unattended on balcony/patio.
A-6 Pet excrement must be immediately picked up and disposed of properly. For
convenience, pet stations equipped with bags and trash receptacles are located outside
the building and throughout the community. (City of Coronado ordinance #32.04.070).
Due to the inherent health issues, any violation of this rule may result in an automatic
$100 monetary penalty for the first offense and $200 penalty for any future offenses. No
warnings will be issued.
A-7 Residents with dogs may enter/exit the building by use of the garage pedestrian doors
and not the lobby unless the dog is carried.
A-8 Pet owners are responsible and liable for any personal injury or property damage caused
by their pet.
A-9 In addition to imposing monetary penalties, the Board reserves the right to expel any
animal determined to be a threat, nuisance or disturbance. Violations shall also be
reported to the proper authorities.
A-10 Pet owners shall also be aware to observe quiet hours from 10 PM to 8 AM.

B. Balcony/Patio Area Use:

The esthetic value of the exclusive use common area balcony
and/or patio areas shall be considered at all times. Patio furniture is permitted. However,
it shall not be used for storage, drying laundry, pet housing, etc. Nothing shall be draped
over the railings. Patios/balconies shall be kept clean and generally attractive at all times.
B-1 No objects or debris shall be thrown, swept or discarded from the balcony, especially food
or cigarette butts.
B-2 All pots and/or planters must have self-contained or internal drainage systems. Avoid
overwatering in order to prevent attracting mosquitos and overflow onto units below.
B-3 Bird feeders are strictly prohibited. Residents shall not leave any type of food outside that
would attract scavengers or birds of prey.
B-4 Residents are permitted the use of charcoal or gas outdoor barbeques on the private
terrace/balcony areas as long as proper safety measures are followed and the smoke is
not offensive to other residents.
B-5 Normal maintenance of the deck surface to keep them clean would be to use TSP
(available in grocery, hardware and paint stores) with a bristle brush. Liquid household
cleaners such as “409” may also be used. Decks shall NOT be “hosed” or washed down.

C. Terrace Use:

For the safety and welfare of all residents, please demonstrate common
sense, courtesy and respect when using the Terrace. Owners are liable for any damage
caused by family members, guests, invitees, contractors and tenants.
C-1. The use of fireworks on or from the terrace or near the building is strictly prohibited.
C-2 Due to the likelihood of damage to the building, activities such as but not limited to
throwing, hitting, batting or kicking objects such as but not limited to hard balls and pucks
are prohibited. Safe and reasonable use of soft objects shall be allowed however, building
staff and management reserve the discretionary right to prohibit any activity deemed
unsafe, unruly or inconsiderate.
C-3. Because of the likelihood of damage to the terrace surface, use of hard-wheeled items such
as but not limited to scooters, skateboards, roller-skates and rollerblades are prohibited.
Safe and reasonable use of soft rubber-wheeled or soft plastic-wheeled vehicles shall be
permitted however, building management and staff reserve the discretionary right to
prohibit any activity deemed unsafe, unruly or inconsiderate.
C-4 As a courtesy to other residents, please observe quiet hours from 10 PM until 8 AM.


The homeowner’s association will not be held liable for any damaged, lost
or stolen bicycles.
D-1 All bicycles must be registered and display a valid Coronado Shores building identification
D-2 Bicycles must be parked/stored in either a building bicycle storage area, your personal
storage cage or inside your unit. Bicycles are not permitted to be stored in a vehicle
parking space. Bicycles improperly parked, stored or operated may be impounded.
D-3 Bicycle rooms shall remain locked at all times (obtain key from front desk personnel)
except when entering or exiting. Bicycles stored inside bike rooms shall be parked neatly
(one bike per space and not stacked) with front wheel locked.
D-4 Bike racks outside the building are intended for temporary daytime use. Overnight
storage is prohibited by Coronado Shores Landscape & Recreation Committee and
bicycles in violation will be confiscated.
D-5 For the safety of all, bicycle riders must exercise common sense and extreme caution
when entering/exiting the garage. Bicycles shall be WALKED on garage ramps.
D-6 Bicycles are prohibited on the beach boardwalk by ordinance of the City of Coronado.
However, bicycles are allowed on the Coronado Shores roadways.
D-7 Bicyclists have all the responsibilities of any other vehicle driver on the roadway
therefore, the City of Coronado expects bicycle riders of all ages to know and obey all
public traffic laws.
D-8 EPAMD’s (electric personal assistive mobility devices like Segways), roller skates,
rollerblades, skateboards and scooters may not be used in the Coronado Shores nor in El
Mirador’s common areas.

E. Moving and Deliveries:

Please contact the front desk staff at least 24 hours in advance to
schedule moving and/or deliveries.
E-1 Scheduled use of Elevator Cab #2 shall be on non-holiday weekdays ONLY between the
hours of 9 AM – 5 PM unless otherwise authorized. The responsible party shall install
and remove the elevator pads as directed by the front desk staff. All work shall be
conducted through the lower garage lobby.
E-2 Homeowners are responsible for any common area damage. A $100 refundable
cleaning/damages deposit may be required. In addition to reimbursement costs for
damage repair, a $10 per hour cleaning charge may be deducted from the deposit.

F. Parking and Vehicles:

The garage is intended to accommodate passenger vehicles only.
The speed limit is 5 MPH in the garage and on the one-way ramps.
F-1 An automatic garage gate opener should have been provided by the seller upon your
purchase. Should you need a replacement, the cost is $50. Extra openers will be limited to
two more than the number of parking spaces assigned to your unit and cost $50 each.
F-2 The parking garage is intended to accommodate passenger vehicles only. Vehicles must
park “head in” with the exception of those spaces located right next to the garage gates.
F-3 Parking spaces are intended for vehicles only. Storage of any other items is prohibited.
Owners may submit an Architectural Modification Request form to install a storage
compartment, if location is feasible.
F-4 Due to limited visibility, drivers should use extreme caution when entering/exiting the
garage and proceed at a reduced safe rate of speed (not to exceed 5 MPH).
F-5 All parking stalls are assigned to individual units for the private use of the respective
residents. Vehicles must be parked so that no portion extends beyond the limits of the
assigned space. Improperly parked vehicles are subject to immediate tow at the vehicle
owner’s expense.
F-6 Outside common area parking is limited to 72 hours and vehicles must display the
appropriate permit or decal. Outside parking is monitored and enforced by the Coronado
Shores Landscape & Recreation staff.

G. Smoking:

El Mirador is a non-smoking building. Smoking is prohibited in common
areas, on exclusive use common areas such as balconies and within 25 feet of a doorway
or window.
G-1 In addition to the building rules and regulations, the City of Coronado enacted outdoor
smoking regulations (Municipal Code Section 36.08) effective 01.01.2014. For more
information, call the City of Coronado at 619-522-7335.

H. Storage:

Unit owners are expected to know the location of their assigned storage cage or
garage storage locker. No additional storage cages are available. However, where
feasible, owners may submit an Architectural Modification Request form to install a
garage storage locker at their own expense. Obtain additional information from the front
desk staff.
H-1 Due to the limited number of carts and as a courtesy to all residents, please return
grocery and luggage carts to their appropriate storage location as soon as possible.
H-2 No one shall permit any activity or keep anything in a unit, storage area, or in the common
area that would constitute a hazard of any kind.
H-3 Hallways and front door areas shall be kept free and clear at all times. Nothing,
including luggage or grocery carts, shall remain outside in the hallway.

I. Trash:

Trash rooms are located on each floor to the immediate left of the 01 unit. Should
you have any questions, please contact the front desk staff or the building manager.
I-1 Trash must be contained within sturdy bags tightly secured prior to disposing down the
I-2 As a common courtesy to other residents, dispose of trash between 8 A.M. to 10 P.M.
I-3 Cardboard boxes shall be broken down and taken directly to the garage trash dumpster
room for recycling.
I-4 Any large or oversized items such as mattresses or furniture shall be the sole
responsibility of the resident to remove from premises. Edco (619-287-7555) will
schedule a large item pick up at a minimal fee. Also, free pick up is offered by many
charity organizations such as Father Joe’s Villages (619-671-7900), Goodwill
(619-232-2083) or Salvation Army (1-800-728-7825).
I-5 Recyclable items (glass containers, plastic, aluminum, paper, household batteries, light
bulbs) should be placed on the shelf or within the bin provided inside the trash room.
Medical sharps must be placed within a proper sharps container to be accepted.
I-6 Electronic waste nor toxic and household hazardous materials should not be placed down
the trash chute nor down the drains. Such materials may include but are not limited to
aerosols, household cleaners, disinfectants, drain openers, mothballs, rodent poison,
paint, glues, batteries, light bulbs, appliances, pharmaceuticals, and items marked
“Warning; Toxic; Poison; Flammable; Corrosive; Caution, etc.”
The Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program provides free disposal on
Saturdays from 10 AM to 2 PM at 1001 Sixth Street located in the alley adjacent to the
fire station. For more information, call City of Coronado Public Services at 619-522-7380.
I-7 Although some bio-hazardous materials may be accepted by the building for disposal,
feel free to contact the County HMMD at 619-338-2231 for more information.

J. Windows and Window Coverings:
J-1 The exterior facing side of the window covering or lining shall be white or off-white.
J-2 A sample of any window tinting material shall first be submitted for approval prior to
installation. Installation of any unapproved material is considered a violation and shall be
subject to removal at the unit owners expense in addition to the monetary penalties.
J-3 Window screens must be gray fiberglass with 1” clean anodized aluminum frames.
J-4 Washing of the window and balcony exterior glass is provided quarterly within the annual
budget of the Association. Screens should be removed prior to scheduled work date, as
the company will not remove them. Cleaning of unit interior windows and inside of
balcony railings can be arranged for an extra cost. Contact the front desk staff for
additional information.

K. Miscellaneous:
K-1 Short Term Rentals: Pursuant to the CC&R’s (Section 7.6 (o), all unit rental agreements
must be for a period not less than one month (30 days). Additionally, prior to the
commencement of any such lease, a written copy must be submitted to management
for their records. Under no circumstance is subletting allowed.
K-2 Homeowners who have leased or rented the condominium have thereby delegated the
rights to use the common areas to the lessee. Therefore, owners relinquish the use of the
common area facilities during the length of the lease.
K-3 Although a Condominium may be leased, the Homeowner remains responsible for the
actions of their family members, guests, tenants or invitees. Shall any violation of the
governing documents or rules and regulations occur, enforcement procedures shall be
implemented which include monetary penalties and suspending the rights to use the
common area recreational facilities.
K-4 For your convenience, grocery and luggage carts are available on each lobby floor for
temporary use. Please return them promptly after using them.
K-5 When in beach attire or barefoot, entrance to the building shall be through the garage or
stairwell and not the front lobby. Please be certain to remove all sand from footwear
before entering the building.
K-6 Key fobs or photo ID cardkeys should be carried at all times as they are necessary to
access the elevators and garage doors.
K-7 To obtain a new photo ID cardkey, an application form must first be filled out and signed
by an authorized staff member before presenting it to the L and R office during regular
weekday business hours. On weekends, a temporary loaner card will be provided. (See
L & R Committee Rules).
K-8 Paper passes are available from the front desk. However, if one person has a cardkey to
open a facility gate, other members of your party need only have the paper passes. (See
L & R Committee Rules).
K-9 Wetsuits, surfboards, rafts, and other beach equipment are best kept in your storage area
or in the outside storage facility rather than transported on the elevators.
K-10 For fire and safety reasons, unit front doors shall be kept closed at all time except for
K-11 Please be courteous and observe quiet hours from 10 PM until 8 AM.
K-12 Authorized Entry: For the benefit of all residents, visitors, guests and invitees will be
admitted to the building upon authorization of the resident. Only residents have access to
the elevators by use of their photo ID card or key fob. Therefore, it is necessary that
non-residents must first stop at the lobby desk to check in with the Door Person.
K-13 Emergency Access: As stipulated in the CC&R’s (Section 7.6 (f.), Owners shall grant the
right of immediate entry to building staff in case of an emergency originating in or
threatening his Unit, whether the Owner is present or not. Unit Owner shall provide the
Association with a Unit key for emergency access.
K-14 Maintenance Access: As stipulated in the CC&R’s (Section 7.6 (g.), Owners shall grant
the right of entry to building staff when required for the purpose of performing
non-emergency maintenance, service or repairs to building systems provided that requests
for entry are made in advance and agreed upon.
K-15 Mailbox keys: Mailbox keys are the responsibility of the homeowner. Neither
Management nor the USPS maintain extra keys. Should they be lost, a new lock must be
purchased and installed at the expense of the owner/resident.
K-16 Use of profane and/or obscene language is prohibited. Loud or unusual noise is
prohibited. This includes but is not limited to yelling, shouting, screaming, singing and
the use of horns, bells, musical instruments and electronic devices. Any disrespectful
treatment or harassment of any resident or staff member is prohibited.

The following procedure will apply to all violations and infractions of the Governing
Documents and rules and regulations. Owners may report violations to Management or
Board of Directors by submitting a written notice describing the violation. The Board of
Directors (“Board”), Management, or committee appointed by the Board may also note
any violations discovered during walk-throughs or by personal knowledge of any of its
members or representatives.
At the time a violation is noted or reported, action will be taken as follows:
1. The Board shall give written notice to the owner. The notice will contain a
description of the violation, instructions regarding response to the notice and request for
correction of the violation. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Board may determine, in
its sole discretion, that the violation is of a nature or severity that no warning will be
issued and the violation will be subject to immediate notice and opportunity for hearing
to impose disciplinary action, including fines. In even more serious situations, the
matter will be referred directly to legal counsel.
2. If the violation continues or is repeated, or the Board has determined no warning
letter will be issued, the Board shall give the Owner a second notice of the violation
setting a hearing before the Board. The notice shall be given not less than fifteen (15)
days prior to the date of the hearing before the Board. The notice shall include the date,
time, and location of the hearing, the nature of the alleged violation, and a statement
that the member has the right to attend and may address the Board at the meeting. The
Board shall meet in executive session if requested to do so by the member being
3. At the hearing, the Board shall allow the owner an opportunity to be heard either
orally or in writing and to present evidence and testimony as reasonable under the
circumstances and as determined by the Board. If the Board concludes that the alleged
violation occurred, the Board may impose monetary penalties, temporarily suspend
voting and membership privileges, including Coronado Shores Recreational Facilities
privileges, for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days or take any other disciplinary action
permitted by the Governing Documents. Cross-examination of witnesses will not be
If the Board finds that a violation occurred and imposes discipline on a member, the
Board shall provide the member a written notification of the disciplinary action, by either
personal delivery or first-class mail, within fifteen (15) days following the action. The
disciplinary action will be effective beginning five days after the notice of hearing results
is sent to the Owners.
4. If, after notice and hearing, a violation is found to have occurred, it may be further
found to be a “continuing violation” as defined herein. A continuing violation is a
violation that remains unchanged until corrected by the violating owner. An example of
a continuing violation includes, but is not limited to, unapproved Architectural
modifications. If the Board finds that a continuing violation is occurring, the Board may
levy a fine on a periodic recurring basis (without further notice and hearing) until the
violation is corrected. The owner will be notified in the initial hearing notice that the
alleged violation may be deemed a continuing violation, potentially subjecting the owner
to periodic fines without further notice.
5. If the violation is repeated, or if the response is otherwise unsatisfactory, the Board
may impose additional fines until such time as the matter is satisfactorily resolved.
6. If the violation continues, or is repeated, the Board may also refer the matter to the
Association’s legal counsel. If required by Civil Code sections 5905 or 5930, alternative
dispute resolution will be offered. The homeowner may be liable for the Association’s
legal costs and fees.
7. Notwithstanding the foregoing, under circumstances involving conduct that
constitutes (a) an immediate and unreasonable infringement of, or threat to, the safety
or quiet enjoyment of neighboring owners; (b) a traffic or fire hazard; or (c) a threat of
material damage to, or destruction of, the Common Area; or (5) a violation of the
Governing Documents is of such a nature that there is no material question regarding
the identity of the violator or whether a violation has occurred, the Board or its agents
may contact the appropriate civil authorities and undertake immediate corrective action
and conduct a hearing as soon thereafter as possible, if either (1) requested by the
offending owner within five (5) days following the Association’s actions, or (2) on its own
8. The amount of monetary penalties shall be established from time to time by the
Board, and a schedule thereof shall be distributed to the Members by personal delivery
or first class mail. Distribution of additional fine schedules is not required unless there
are any changes to an existing schedule.

Fines for first time violations may be levied in accordance with the following schedule:
Hazardous Activities * $100 – $500
(*including but not limited to failure to remove pet excrement)

Use Restrictions $100

Vehicle and Parking Restrictions $100

Any violation of the Bylaws, CC&Rs,
or Rules and Regulations not
specifically mentioned $100

Unauthorized improvements to
property per discretion of Board
$500.00 minimum $500-$2,000

Harassment or disrespectful
treatment of the staff or another $500-$2,500
resident per discretion of Board
$500 minimum

Short term rental violation
First Offense $3,000
Second Offense $6,000
Third Offense or more $10,000

Fines shall be in addition to an assessment equal to any applicable cost of repair. Fines
for continuing or repeated violations may be increased in $100.00 increments at the
discretion of the Board. In the discretion of the Board, fines for continuing violations
may be imposed on a daily basis until the violation is corrected. For the purposes of
this Fine Schedule, a “continuing or repeated violation” shall be one that is assessed to
a single lot within a twelve-month period. However, should a twelve-month period pass
without any violations, a first notice to correct the violation must be sent by the
Association prior to imposing any fines.
Four or more violations assessed to a single lot in any six-month period may result in an
additional fine of up to $1,000.00, at the discretion of the Board.
Emergency Telephone Number: 911
Sharp Coronado Hospital: 619-522-3600
250 Prospect Place
Coronado, CA 92118
Frequently Used Telephone Numbers
Coronado Shores Condominium Association #9
1820 Avenida del Mundo
Coronado, CA 92118
Front Desk or Association Manager: 619-437-4575 or 619-437-4588
Fax: 619-437-4738
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
Landscape & Recreation Office: 619-437-1260
L & R Gated Entry Kiosk: 619-435-3370

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