Dispute Resolution

CORONADO SHORES CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION NO. 9 INTERNAL DISPUTE RESOLUTION & ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION Pursuant to the requirements of California Civil Code Sections 5900 et. seq. and 5925 et. seq., the Association has adopted the following policies regarding Internal Dispute Resolution (“IDR”) and Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) procedures, as follows: Download Here

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Request to Serve

CORONADO SHORES CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION #9 Dear Coronado Shores Condominium Association #9 Homeowners: The purpose of this notice is to advise you that the Annual Meeting of Members will be held in March 2017. Items of business at the Annual Meeting will be the election of three (3) directors, each to serve on the Board

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REMODELING RULES & REGULATIONS (revised September 2016)

Coronado Shores Condominium Association #9 1820 Avenida del Mundo Coronado, CA   92118 619-437-4575 REMODELING RULES & REGULATIONS (revised September 2016) The Association reserves the right to limit the number of remodels to six (6) at any one time. 1. Remodeling: The term “remodel” or “remodeling” or “remodeled” is defined as follows: Any

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Rules for Elections & Voting

CORONADO SHORES CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION #9 Rules for Elections and Voting These rules' shall apply to all items legally requiring a vote of the membership as required by Civil Code section 5100, and any amendments thereto, including but not limited to, elections of directors, votes to remove one or more directors, votes on assessments that

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BOARD OF DIRECTORS RESOLUTION CORONADO SHORES CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION NO. 9 (EL MIRADOR) October 15, 2015 WHEREAS, the Board of Directors of the Coronado Shores Condominium Association No. 9 (El Mirador) is charged with the responsibility to manage and control the affairs of the Association; and Download Here

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Owner Info Opt Out Form

Owner Contact Information & Preferred Methods of Communication Please complete the information below and check the appropriate box instructing the Association of your preferences. It will also be important to keep the Association updated with changes in any of your contact information. This consent shall remain in effect until changed by you. Download Here

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Resident Registration Form

CORONADO SHORES CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION #9 ANNUAL RESIDENT REGISTRATION FORM Please complete and return this 'RESIDENT REGISTRATION FORM" within thirty (30) days of receipt. Should there be a change of occupancy, a revised/updated form should be submitted within thirty (30) days. Additional forms are available from the General Manager or from the website (coronadoshores.org). This

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