Coronado Shores Condominium Association #9



July 23, 2021


A meeting of the Board of Directors of Coronado Shores Condominium Association #9 was called to order by Board President Ken Sigelman at 9:00 AM on Friday, July 23, 2021, in the conference room located at 1820 Avenida del Mundo, Coronado California.

Directors Present:          

Ken Sigelman, President (by Zoom)

Glenn Welch, Vice President (by Zoom)

Cheryl Mahoney, Secretary (by Zoom)

Robert Bishop, Treasurer (by Zoom)

David McNelis, Member at Large (by Zoom)


Others Present:      

Rafael Estrada, Association General Manager (by Zoom)

12 Homeowners (by Zoom and Telephone)


Consent Agenda:

Upon motion duly made, seconded, and carried, the following Consent Agenda was approved:

General Board Meeting Minutes, June 19,2021

Financial Report, May 31, 2021


Finance Committee – Robert Bishop, Treasurer:

Robert Bishop noted the following: Consortium is helping straighten out the books, stating that there were carryover errors such as $4k prepaid income taxes and $9,915k which had been double paid.  Rafael had held these checks, therefore both checks were able to be cancelled.  There was a recertification of 10 checks which were made out incorrectly.  A reconciliation was made in the amount of $13,576.00.  June’s 2021 Financial Report is pending.  Bob feels confident that by August 2021 will we have an accurate financial statement.  He thanked the Finance team which consists of Glenn Welch, Laury Graves, and Rafael Estrada.  Bob also mentioned that Loretta, Diana, and Adam Haney, (Consortium employees), have been very helpful.  There is some question as to why the L&R invoice hasn’t been paid so Rafael is working on this for the Finance team.


Delinquencies – Rafael Estrada, General Manager

The delinquencies are being addressed.


El Mirador Building Committee Reports:

Architectural Update – Hal Aronson

  • 1609’s remodel wasn’t completed in time for the June 30th end of construction date, so he is monitoring this project.
  • 104 has been completed

Landscape Committee – Patricia Boer

This month’s meeting began as a campus walk around, focused on the North Campus.  Important take-aways from this month’s meeting include:

  • The Committee walked Avenida Del Sol to review the Landscaping implemented by the Hotel on our behalf, including the exterior fencing along Avenida Del Sol and, south onto the Strand.
  • Also, on the North campus Vitale presented his landscape renderings for the Shores’ side of Avenida Del Sol that the campus will be responsible for implementing.  As a result, the committee provided recommendations for Jerry to negotiate with the Hotel on behalf of L&R.
  • We learned the traffic lights on Avenida Del Sol will become operational the week of July 19th.
  • The Committee continued the meeting at the Beach club and voted:
  1. To recommend that the gate on Avenida Del Sol remain closed until all construction is completed vs. opening the gate concurrent with implementation of the new traffic lights.
  2. To provide L&R with a statement in broad terms that we like Vitale’s design, and additionally we recommend earmarking a budget of $75k for Budget 2022.


L & R Committee Reports:

L & R Committee Report – Ken Sigelman

  • Beach club revenue is well ahead of schedule

Beach Club Advisory Report – Therese Abboud


Old Business:Rafael Estrada

Security Cameras – Rafael Estrada presented a proposal which will enhance our security camera system, building wide.  The three bids for consideration were from H&H System Integration, Controlled Entry Specialist, and ADT Security Specialist.  At the conclusion of the presentation a motion was made by David McNelis, 2nd by Robert Bishop that we hire H&H System Integration to complete this project.  Motion passed 5-0.

Internet & Cable TV – Rafael has been tasked with procuring proposals from cable tv and internet service companies as our DISH Network contract expires November 17, 2021.

He has reached out to COX, who doesn’t service our area, and Spectrum who doesn’t service the south campus of the Shores.  He is checking on Verizon and Direct TV and additional companies that provide cable tv and internet solutions.

Because we must give DISH a 90-day notice, (August 17, 2021), the Board will meet and make a decision at an Executive Board meeting prior to the August. 2021 Board meeting.

Julie Lukowski from Google Webpass gave a presentation on their internet-based plan.



Structural Engineer

Hamilton Pacific, Inc. will conduct an inspection of our building., free of charge.  This inspection takes approximately 3 days.  Rafael is meeting with Chris Hamilton a Principal of Hamilton Pacific on Monday, July 26, 2021, to discuss this inspection.  Rafael was asked to check with Art Hopkins regarding structural engineers.  Our insurance company recommends a full structural inspection of our building. 

Elevator Committee – Robert Bishop confirmed that the Modernization Elevator Project will commence early September 2021.  An update will be given at the August 2021 Board meeting.


Other Business:

Homeowners Communication

Hal Aronson noted that miscellaneous items are being left in the garage and requested that something be done to address this issue.

Fran Krasnow asked if there had been any updates on the construction project for low-income housing that tentatively was going to be built across the street from the Shores.  There haven’t been any meaningful updates as of today on a site selection.

David Zacharias noted that he found the desert landscape at the entrance of the south campus to be more suited for the desert and not a coastal town.  He also asked when an interior building remodel would be forthcoming.  It was noted that L&R has a landscape committee and takes recommendations for landscape ideas.  Due to budget constraints this is what was installed.  The interior remodeling project will be discussed at the August 2021 Board meeting.


Next Meeting:                                                  August 20, 2021


Adjournment:  There being no further business to come before the Board; the meeting was adjourned pursuant to a motion passed unanimously at approximately 11:30am.



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