Coronado Shores Condominium Association #9



April 16, 2021


A meeting of the Board of Directors of Coronado Shores Condominium Association #9 was called to order by Board President Ken Sigelman at 9:00 AM on Friday, April 16, 2021 in the conference room located at 1820 Avenida del Mundo, Coronado California.

Directors Present:          

Ken Sigelman President (by Zoom)

Glenn Welch Vice President and Treasurer (by Zoom)

Cheryl Mahoney Secretary (by Zoom)

David McNelis Member at Large (by Zoom)

Robert Bishop Member at Large (by Zoom)


Others Present:        

Rafael Estrada, Association General Manager (by Zoom)

16 Homeowners (by Zoom and Telephone)


Consent Agenda:

Upon motion duly made, seconded, and carried, the following Consent Agenda was approved:

General Board Meeting Minutes February 19, 2021

Executive Meeting Minutes February 19, 2021

Financial Report, February 29, 2021

Finance Committee – Glenn Welch, Treasurer:

The Finance Committee met and discussed the February finances.  They were disappointed in the report due to errors that were found.  They were going to discuss these errors with EBMC.  It was noted that February’s $48k unfavourability to budget, belongs in the 2020 budget.  A request was made that the auditor moves the expenses back into the 2020 budget.  March 2021 review is pending the financial report from EBMC.

Delinquencies – Rafael Estrada, General Manager

There are three (3) unit owners with HOA monthly delinquencies.  He said that steps have been initiated to correct these delinquencies.

President’s Report – Ken Sigelman

  • The 2nd half of this year, Consortium, LLC will be managing El Mirador’s accounting service needs.  Glenn Welch is meeting with Consortium 04-19-2021 to discuss the process.
  • The petition in opposition of the proposed Coronado City Hall 400-unit housing project, is being submitted today, by Ken Sigelman, to the Senior Planner, Jesse Brown.
  • COVID-19 news provides us with reasonable cause for cautious optimism going forward.
  • COVID-19 Task Force will meet close to the June 15th California reopening date.

L & R Committee Report – Ken Sigelman

  • Beach Club is open.
  • Pickle Ball court is stationed on the tennis court #6,
  • The Lagoon Project is officially completed.

Beach Club Advisory Committee – Therese Abboud – No Report

Insurance Committee – Robert Bishop – No Report

Enhancement Committee – Claire Conley – No Report


El Mirador Building Committee Reports:

Architectural Update – Hal Aronson

  • Two (2) units are currently undergoing remodeling.
  • 1609, 104, 1407, 702 pending completion.

Landscape Committee – Patricia Boer

  • A dry creek bed was installed where a water feature was originally going to be installed.  Due to logistics and costs a water feature was not feasible.
  • Crew 3 has done a good job on the roses, tree trimming and our entranceway.

Renovation Group – Therese Abboud – No Report

Audit Committee – Cheryl Mahoney

The 2020 El Mirador audit is currently underway and is being conducted by Mr. Gregory Villard, CPA.


Old Business:

Parking Storage Cabinets: David McNelis suggested that the guidelines and rules for construction of a parking storage cabinet be recirculated to residents.

Other Business:

Maintenance Report


  • Tuesday, March 2, 2021 at 11:50am an elevator stopped working.  Tyssenkrupp was contacted.  They found a key stuck in the elevator track.  The elevator started working again at 3:11pm.
  • Wednesday, March 3, 2021 at 5:30pm elevator (1) stopped working.  Joseline was able to correct the problem and got it up and running.
  • Friday, March 12, 2021 at 6:10pm elevator (1) stopped working.  Joseline reset the elevator and fixed the problem.

Water leaks:

  • March 22, 2021 water leak in guest bathroom of unit 108.  Leak coming from unit 208.  Minor damage occurred.
  • March 31, 2021 water leak in lower garage by parking spaces 8 & 9.  Water came form the water tank overflowing.  No damage occurred.

Clogged Sinks:  None this period.


  • From 2-23-2021 through 4-14-2021 there were 22 mask violations from caregivers, owners of units, tenants and guests.  The unit numbers were 601, 1110, 904, 1102, 707, 1607, 209, 106, 304, 904, 307, 1402, 409, 1604, 704, 303, 503, 809, 1605, 1104.


  • From 2-22-2021 through 4-12-2021 there were 20 complaints lodged that ranged from dogs barking, sliding furniture noise, loud music, luggage and grocery carts left on floors, roller skating in the hallway, a baby stroller left in the hallway, dogs using the terrace as their restroom and a scooter left outside a front door.


  • 2-23-21 5 Year Sprinkler Inspection (Reinspection of 7th – 12th floors and the 5th floor.)
  • 2-26-21 FOB/ID reader on the lower garage pedestrian ramp and the one on the lower garage exit were fixed.  Replaced weatherized batteries and reprogrammed omnilocks.
  • 2-26-21 Upper and Lower entrance gates broke down.  It was a power issue.  It was repaired by Ben from Sommer Fence and Francisco.
  • 3-24-21 Innovative Fire came to replace two (2) leaky sprinkler heads on the 10th floor.
  • 3-29-21 Stanley Steemer came to clean building hallway carpets.
  • 4-6-21 Cintas came out and conducted a walkthrough to develop a proposal regarding Exit and Emergency Lights.
  • 4-7-21 Stanley Steemer returned to redo 7th floor hallway carpet.
  • Fire Pump #1 needs repairs.  Received three (3) proposals for repairs.
  • Francisco and Jesus started painting lobby hallways, which include doors, doorframes, baseboards, and all other wood trim.  Repaired and painted west side corner of main lobby ceiling.
  • Cameras #7, 8, 9 and 10 are offline.  Need replacing.
  • Doorknob for lower southwest bike room was repaired.
  • Emergency stairwell door next to main lobby was reinforced with a metal plate to prevent anyone from pulling it open.
  • Terrace lights, ongoing project.
  • Bulbs on Penthouse floor between 1602-1603 replaced.
  • Easy Flow has completed work in 06 stack.  They are now working on laterals.

New Business:

On Saturday, March 20, 2021 El Mirador’s Annual Homeowners Meeting was held in the conference room.  59 homeowners voted.  The Inspectors of Election (Jim Strickland, Anthony Abboud, and John Dehler,) announced the election results.  Ken Sigelman, Robert Bishop and David McNelis were elected to fill the three open Board seats.

The Board held an Organizational Meeting.  The Board positions were voted on and approved as follows.

President – Ken Sigelman, Vice-President, and Treasurer – Glenn Welch.  Secretary – Cheryl Mahoney

Member – Robert Bishop.  Member – David McNelis


Flood Insurance

A discussion was held regarding flood insurance.  It was noted that Coronado City has FEMA Flood insurance and that we will be grandfathered in this insurance.  It was agreed upon that more research needs to be done to make an educated decision regarding El Mirador’s flood insurance policy going forward.

5 Year Fire Sprinkler Deficiencies Repairs for El Mirador

ADT presented to the homeowners and BOD’s a deficiencies quote of our fire sprinklers.  The discussion surrounding the quote left more questions than answers.  It is still under review.  Note: ADT won’t certify any work unless they complete the repairs and deficiencies.

El Mirador Fire Pump One (1) Rebuild Proposals

Rafael Estrada presented three (3) proposals from Bay City Electric Works, Global Power Group, Inc., and Odyssey Power.

A motion was made by Glenn Welch, 2nd by Cheryl Mahoney that we accept Odyssey Power’s estimate for repairs to replace the fuel pump and gasket.  Motion passed 5-0.

Main Lobby Cameras

Rafael Estrada presented the proposal from We-Supply that would provide repairs for our upper level lobby and main lobby camera security system.  The quote was $1,727.38.  David McNelis made a motion, 2nd by Robert Bishop to move forward with this repair as well as additionally acquiring 2 to 3 additional bids for the building’s entire camera, security system.  Motion passed 5-0.

Exit annd Emergency Light Inspection

Wyatt Canchole, Fire Sale Specialist from Cintas, discussed the need for an inspection on our 60 exit signs to ensure that they are up to the NFRA Code 101.  The next inspection by Cintas will be conducted on April 22, 2021.  After this inspection a proposal will be developed to determine what needs to be repaired or replaced as well as acquiring two (2) additional bids for this job based on the inspection.

Easy Flow Final Update

Tom Gawlowski stated that the work on all of the vertical lines in the building has been completed.  The only thing that they are working on now are individual homeowner requests to inspect their lateral lines and repair or replace on an individual basis and at the homeowner’s own expense.


Homeowners Communication

A request was made that all staff, as a refresher course, receive training relative to the building’s Rules & Regulations.


Hal Aronson requested that we develop an Elevator Modernization Task Committee to discuss what elevator use protocol will be enacted for residents, tenants, and guests during the elevator modernization project.  It was agreed that this committee would be developed and that he would be a member of the committee.


Next Meeting:                                                June 18th, 2021


Adjournment:  There being no further business to come before the Board; the meeting was adjourned pursuant to a motion passed unanimously at approximately 11:12am.



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