Coronado Shores Condominium Association #9



May 21, 2021


A meeting of the Board of Directors of Coronado Shores Condominium Association #9 was called to order by Board President Ken Sigelman at 9:00 AM on Friday, May 21, 2021 in the conference room located at 1820 Avenida del Mundo, Coronado California.

Directors Present:          

Ken Sigelman President (by Zoom)

Glenn Welch Vice President and Treasurer (by Zoom)

Cheryl Mahoney Secretary (by Zoom)

David McNelis Member at Large (by Zoom)

Robert Bishop Member at Large (by Zoom)


Others Present:        

Rafael Estrada, Association General Manager (by Zoom)

11 Homeowners (by Zoom and Telephone)


Consent Agenda:

Upon motion duly made, seconded, and carried, the following Consent Agenda was approved:

General Board Meeting Minutes, April 16, 2021

Financial Report, March 31, 2021


Finance Committee – Glenn Welch, Treasurer:

The April Financial Report is pending as the Finance Committee still hasn’t received the Financials from EMBC.  It was noted that El Mirador’s accounting services were moved from EMBC to Consortium effective May 1, 2021.


Delinquencies – Rafael Estrada, General Manager

The delinquencies are being addressed.


L & R Committee Report – Ken Sigelman

  • The Roeder Pavilion has been cleaned up.
  • Increased compliance with the “no skateboarding or scooter riding” within the Coronado Shores community.
  • Further normalization of the common areas that were originally put into place due to COVID.



El Mirador Building Committee Reports:

Architectural Update – Rafael Estrada

  • Unit 405 – Remodel Request – 3-week project.
  • 1609 completion date 6/30
  • 104 full remodel by 6/30

Landscape Committee – Patricia Boer

  • Southside of campus – sod has been placed and shrubs are being planted where there is currently sand.
  • Roses continue to look better.
  • The Del project is scheduled for completion by 7/2022.
  • Crew 3 continues maintenance.

Renovation Group – Ken Sigelman

Due to the Elevator replacement project that will commence in September 2021, remodeling of the lobby and floor hallways will be placed on hold until the end of the third quarter 2022.  A committee will be developed to review designs and then a proposed plan will be presented to the Homeowners.  This remodel will require approval of a Special Assessment as there isn’t enough money in the Reserve account to cover this project.

The money in the Reserve account was earmarked for the Elevator project.

Audit Committee – Cheryl Mahoney

The 2020 Audit has been completed and will be reviewed by the Audit Committee prior to approval.


L & R Committee Reports:

Beach Club Advisory Report – Rafael Estrada

  • More efficient BBQ’s will be installed in all BBQ locations, after Labor Day.
  • Line Dancing resumed.
  • Bingo, 5-24-21.

Enforcement Committee Claire Conley

  • SDGE suggests that as we add electrical car charging stations, that we do not use fast charging stations in the buildings.


Old Business:Rafael Estrada

5 Year Fire Sprinkler inspection has been completed.  A motion was made by Bob Bishop, 2nd by Glenn Welch that we go with another company to repair all deficiencies.  Motion passed 5-0


Symons Fire Protection, Inc provided us with a bid for the 2 deficiencies that were found.  We will be working with Symons to perform a deficiency inspection and provide us with a maintenance report.


COVID-19 The COVID-19 Task Force will meet prior to June 15th, 2021 to make recommendations regarding the State and Federal CDC guidelines for reopening our State.




Other Business:

Maintenance Report


  • 4-26 Stolen bike reported by caregiver in unit 1104.
  • 5-6 Tenant in unit 106 got stuck inside elevator #1 on the lower lobby floor.  The doors would not open.  She hit the “door open” button on the inside of the elevator, and it opened up. 
  • 5-15 Tenants of 307 lost their 2-year-old boy in the elevator.  JJ joined in the search and found the little boy on the 15th floor.

Water leaks:  None this period.

Clogged Sinks:  None this period.


  • There were 16 mask violations.  604, 307, 704, 304,106, 1601, 504, 1108, 607, 601, 1605, 105, 1507, 306, 406, 1006.
  • Tenant from unit 307 came out of the elevator riding a scooter.
  • Wagon full of beach chairs were left outside front door of unit 1402.
  • Baby stroller and child scooter left outside front door of unit 1002.
  • Bike left outside front door of unit 307.


  • There were 18 complaints lodged that ranged from dogs barking, sliding furniture noises, a car parked in 1608 that wasn’t theirs, grocery carts left on floors, and 102 complained that the car parked next to theirs was parked too close.


  • 4-16 Walked around El Mirador building with Jerry McDonald and Jim Vitale to determine which trees need trimming.  El Mirador trees will be trimmed in the coming months.
  • 4-19 Changed US flag and put in a new one.
  • 4-21 Called Key Trak to renew the software because it had expired.
  • 4-28 Global Power came to do the PM service on fire pumps and generator.
  • 4-27 Spoke to ADT Cameras regarding a new proposal for security cameras.
  • 4-27 Spoke to HHSI, Inc. regarding a new proposal for security cameras.
  • 4-28 Chemsearch came to check cooling tower coolant levels.
  • 4-28 Spoke to All County Fire regarding 5-year sprinkler certification.
  • 4-29 Spoke to Schmidt Fire Protection regarding a 5-year sprinkler certification.
  • 4-30 Spoke to Symons Fire Protection regarding 5-year sprinkler certification.
  • 4-29 Scanned emissions inventory forms to APCD.
  • 4-29 Met with Art Hopkins in the conference room to fill out and complete workers compensation audit for Cal/Audits.
  • 4-30 Met with Hal Aronson to double check location of future storage cabinet for units 1402 and 1109.  They have been approved.
  • 4-30 Replaced expired AED pad in the main lobby.
  • 5-4 Zoom meeting with Symons Fire Protection.  They are the only company that is willing to work with us on performing fire sprinkler deficiency repairs and get us certified.  La Princesa Tower uses Symons for their fire inspections.
  • 5-5 Glenn Welch and I met with Brad Sparks from Symons Fire Protection and walked the 7th floor to check the condition of fire sprinkler heads.  Also looked at standpipes. 
  • 5-6 Francisco replaced the weatherized batteries and reprogrammed the Omnilock in the upper exit garage pedestrian door.
  • 5-7 Schindler Elevator Tech stopped by to take measurements of both elevators.
  • 5-12 Pacific Back Flow came to perform test on back flow devices.  Two of the six devices that were tested failed their test and need to be repaired.
  • 5-19 Lloyds Pest Control came to service our building.
  • 5-20 Suspended Services Inc. is currently working in our building.

New Business

Flood Insurance

A discussion was held regarding flood insurance.  Art Hopkins joined the Board meeting to add data and information regarding flood and earthquake insurance.  It was determined that Robert Bishop, Insurance Committee Chair would analyze the data provided to us by Art Hopkins.  They will then jointly make a recommendation regarding flood and earthquake insurance coverage to the Board of Directors in the near future.


Homeowners Communication

There was further discussion regarding the need to wait to remodel the interior of El Mirador vs. proceeding with the Elevator Modernization project.  The Elevator Modernization project costs are being held in the Reserve account.  There isn’t any money set aside for interior remodeling so this would be a Special Assessment potentially costing each homeowner $25k up to $50k, depending on the scope of the project.


It was reemphasized that skateboarding and riding scooters anywhere on the grounds of Coronado Shores will not be tolerated.


Next Meeting:                                                June 19th, 2021


Adjournment:  There being no further business to come before the Board; the meeting was adjourned pursuant to a motion passed unanimously at approximately 10:13am



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