Homeowner’s, Tenants, Guests, and Vendors Rules and Regulations

(Notification of start date coming soon.)

  • An Elevator Door Operator will be on staff 8 hours a day Monday through Sunday.
  • The elevator door operator’s rules to be followed are as follows.
  • Transport homeowner’s, tenants, visitors, staff, and vendors to designated floors
  • Follow El Mirador’s rules and policies established for ingress and egress of the elevator during the Elevator Modernization Project
  • Effectively manage movement of the elevator traffic
  • Coordinate daily, with the General Manager, Building Engineer and Lobby Attendant, all scheduled maintenance, repairs, vendors, and deliveries for the day
  • Know the rules and regulations of the building and courteously remind residents, tenants, and visitors of violations
  • Coordinate with the Lobby Attendant throughout the day when packages have been delivered and for which resident or tenant
  • There will be two runners that can deliver packages during specific hours throughout the day. This courtesy will be extended through the elevator project.
  • The evening Lobby Attendant will deliver packages after 11:00pm during his/her nighttime shift, leaving them outside your front door. If you choose to opt out of this, please do so in writing, to the General Manager.  If you are going to be away for a while, please notify the General Manager and Lobby Attendant so that all packages can be held for you and securely stored.
  • Traffic corridors will be used on both elevator lobbies, to eliminate confusion and frustration when getting on the elevator.
  • Priority will be given, always, to the elderly, home caregivers, disabled, medical attendants, firefighters, and EMT.
  • Every effort will be made between fire personnel, staff, and elevator operator to assist in removing elderly, disabled personnel(restricted) in the event of an emergency or during an elevator shutdown.
  • Communication regarding the Elevator Project progress will be updated weekly. This communication can be found at each elevator lobby’s standing billboard, on the new digital bulletin board in the main lobby, the elevator, the message board in the mailroom, on each floor by the elevator, homeowner emails and our website.  We will also provide this information bulletin in a display in both elevator lobby areas.  Now is a good time to ensure that we have your current email address and postal address (if not receiving mail at El Mirador).
  • Repairs and maintenance during the Elevator Project are allowed. However, all remodels, will not be allowed.
  • Please store all beach equipment and bicycles as they will not be allowed on the elevator during the construction project.
  • If there is to be a move-in or move-out of your condominium, try to schedule it, as much as possible, in advance with the General Manager. Note: During the project we are extending move-in and move-out from 5:00pm to 10:00pm maximum.
  • There will be a suggestion box at the front desk for ideas that you might have to ensure this process runs smoothly.

We understand the enormous inconvenience this will cause, and we will make every effort to ease the daily impact on your lives.