Dear El Mirador Homeowners,

In this letter you will find information about the following building projects; Elevator Modernization Rules and Regulations, Webpass Internet service and an upgrade to our building’s security system.

As a reminder, the Elevator Modernization Project will be starting soon. The Board of Directors and the Elevator Committee have developed an El Mirador Elevator Rules and Regulations policy to help reduce inconveniences during this project. This policy is included as an attachment to this email. Please carefully review this policy and submit any questions you might have to the General Manager.

We will be providing bi-monthly updates relative to the Elevator Modernization Project. Our communications protocol will include direct emails, postings in the mail room, postings on each floor, and on our website.

I would also like to take this opportunity to inform you that the Board of Directors at the Executive Board meeting August 15th, 2021, approved a contract with Google Fiber Webpass. They will be providing us with high-speed internet services. They have completed the installation of the new equipment in El Mirador and are now ready to provide 1Gig service to our homeowners.

Please contact Webpass to schedule an appointment for installation of their new ethernet Cat6 copper cabling to your unit.  Directions for scheduling an appointment with Webpass are included in an attachment to this email.  If you have any questions or need assistance with scheduling an appointment, please contact the General Manager.

Cable tv is remaining with Dish Network for one more year.

H&H System Integration Inc. has been hired by the Board of Directors to install new security cameras and a security system throughout the lobbies, garages, and the exterior of the building. This project should start no later than November 2021 and will require a few weeks for completion.

Sincerely,Rafael Estrada
Association General Manager.

Cc: Board of Directors.